Mau5trap Label Showcase, Village Underground, London, UK – 22nd August 2019

Mau5trap records, home to the likes of Deadmau5 and Feed me, rolled into Village Underground for a label showcase on a warm summer’s afternoon. Label showcases are always a great opportunity to see what sound a label will be and a chance to see some rising talent as well. And the track Mau5trap is on is towards a much more techno based sound. Driven by chugging bass rather than synth filled melodies, which made Deadmau5 famous.

First on the night was Atlas with a progressive house sound it lightly eased everyone into the evening. This was followed by Ghost Dance, a DJ finding his way with a melodic breed of techno. His signature being was a large amount of soothing female vocals. It certainly added some charm to the set and worked well with the bigger drops. 

One artist who certainly didn’t fit the techno description of the evening was Dom Kane. Who showcased a heavy set which saturated all sound levels for the majority of the set. There was certainly method to the madness, though with everything running at 100% it can difficult to find somewhere to drop to. 

Finally on the night was Rinzen. As one of the better known names on the roster he played a slick techno set. Overall it looks like Mau5trap is moving in an exciting new direction with a roster of new talent coming up.