Parachutes, balloons, confetti and the stretching of a vagina. This isn’t a child’s 7th birthday party going drastically awry, it’s an experience that can only be stemmed from a Matt & Kim show. Punctuating sheer joy throughout and an unwavering unashamed showmanship to their style, tonight’s show at the Scala follows a career where they’ve remained underground indie-darlings across five studio efforts that have only strengthened their unlikely crown.

Their latest, “New Glow” followed their high-tempo formula to a key, blistering electro-pop that refuses to pause for air and in much the same way, tonight stands as an exact duplicate of the exuberant bursts shimmering through their entire recorded output. In an industry packed full of ever-so-serious bands and performances, Matt & Kim can’t be faulted for their will to try a different route.

Dropping more samples than a Kanye West album, there’s a palpable sense of something truly unique, driven by early numbers “It’s Alright” and “Now This Is All Me”, possessing an almost simple innocence to their catchy three minute numbers. Like the best double acts, Matt & Kim bounce off each other, engulfing the audience at every possible opportunity, and there’s no errors in suggesting that whilst this was a Matt & Kim concert, the crowd gathered tonight was just as important to the marquee name. Airhorns were abound, as the duo discussed Donald Trump, morning sex and the train station next door amongst others – making the evening feel more like an unhinged gathering than a stand-alone gig.

Mixing covers of Van Halen, Rihanna, DMX and a cracking effort at Apache, Matt & Kim truly are a musical jukebox of influences, taking that neon-soaked indie pop purity with an element of dance music’s more spiky edges, typified by the immediate sing-along power of “Now” in all it’s bombastic electric glory. Their calling card and undeniable anthem “Daylight” is treated like a national anthem, blared out by the capacity audience gathered, a legion of devoted followers fulling embracing the wild and larger than life ride that is Matt & Kim. For all their humour and magnetic stage presence, it’s within “Daylight” that their penchant for euphoric melodies really shines, showcasing it’s not all just over the top emotions but a genuine talent for unifying pop gold. It’s a moment of clarity within a truly off the wall evening.

Showered in adoration throughout, tonight is a rare occasion to completely switch off from the world outside the venue doors. Living not only in their own world, but their own solar system, Matt & Kim demonstrate an extremely adult yet refreshingly innocent sphere, excentuated by their formidable arsenal of pulsating electro-pop perfection. Their sound isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but why reinvent the wheel when it rolls this good.

This Matt & Kim article was written by Jamie Muir, a GIGsoup contributor

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