Maribou State – The Roundhouse, London, UK, 18th October 2018

All pictures provided by Ninja Tune.

As a sold-out Roundhouse crowd sang along with the final verse of their final song ‘Midas’, Maribou State closed out their encore with the final words “never going to lose the love”. The whoops and cheers from the crowd showed it was a sentiment they all shared.

Maribou State have certainly come a long way in the last year or so. From being a name recognised on festival posters, even if only because they seemed to be on all of them, to selling out The Roundhouse. Promoting their new album ‘Kingdoms in Colour’ the duo showed off their downtempo and melancholic form of electronica, which has made them famous.

Coming out to an expectant crowd, the duo launched into ‘Home’. It’s smooth guitar notes easing everyone into the set, the crowd was grooving almost immediately.  As ‘Steal’ began Holly Walker who seems to have become Maribou State’s lead vocalist in all than name joined them on the stage. Her soulful voice adding an extra layer of warmth to the set. Bringing to life the mostly unintelligible but beautiful sounding vocals of ‘Wallflower’.

Showing the full breadth of elements in their new album a string quartet joined the group on the stage for ‘Turnmills’. It’s bouncy rolling bassline adding an extra injection of energy to the set and the perfect moment to set off the confetti cannons.

It was an absolute corker of a set. Maribou State certainly are one to watch out for in the next few years. With a powerful sound combined with a tight live act they’re well worth checking out.