Photo Credit: Laura Dean

Lucy Spraggan – The Devil’s Arse Cave, Castleton (13th December 2019)

2019 has been quite the year for Lucy Spraggan – from scoring her fifth Official Top 40 Album with ‘Today Was a Good Day’ in May to recently completing a 36 date tour, it’s certainly been a year to remember. Despite highlights including packing out the Avalon stage at her second Glastonbury performance and taking her live show Stateside, Lucy wasn’t ready to stop there and last week saw her play two spectacular shows at the Devil’s Arse Cave in Castleton, where she previously played in 2017. 

Upon walking into the cave – decorated with Christmas trees and lights galore – it was clear to see why Lucy was keen to return and despite being frozen to the core, we were already glad that she had! Embracing the festivities, Lucy came onstage to her first Christmas song of the evening, ‘Silent Night’ – showcasing the strength of her vocals from the go, before shouting “let’s Spraggan this up” and diving into the anthemic ‘Lighthouse’ from her ‘Join The Club’ album. 

The festivities didn’t end there and alongside her talented band, Lucy also covered ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ – amusing the crowd and reflecting both her lovable personality and the inclusive environment that her gigs offer as she forgot the words to both; improvising by encouraging the crowd to sing-along. ‘Jingle Bells’ was particularly special as it smoothly fused into feel good track ‘Someone’ – a crowd favourite that always soars live. Two of Lucy’s own Christmas songs – ‘Drink Til We Go Home’ and the heartbreaking ‘Tea & Toast’ B side, ‘It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas’ – sat alongside her various covers, supporting her reputation as one of the most talented songwriters of the decade! 

Lucy’s highly skilled when it comes to writing a good set list and favourites such as ‘Last Night (Beer Fear)’, ‘Lucky Stars’ and ‘Don’t Play this on the Radio’ were all present – with the latter having been introduced with a story of how it was written in response to Lucy feeling miffed at her tracks receiving no radio play! Renowned for her heart on sleeve approach, many of Lucy’s songs tackle the topic of mental health and the empowering ‘Fight For It’ was certainly a highlight of the evening, with its soft guitar intro echoing through the cave.

Lucy saved ‘Unsinkable’ for last, delivering a rousing finale that saw a sea of fists in the air in unison – a sight that’s a pleasure to see at any Lucy Spraggan gig, but particularly mind-blowing in a cave that’s situated in the middle of nowhere! Rapturous applause lured Lucy and the band back to the stage for an encore of what she described to be one of her favourite tracks to end a show on, ‘Wait For Me’ and based on the huge grin on her face, it was evident that the adoration that her fans feel towards her is 100% reciprocated.

It’s rare to see somebody with such a mass amount of talent be so modest and continually surprised to receive the huge amount of support that Lucy deservedly receives – she’s sure to have an explosive year ahead of her and we can’t wait to see what she does next!