Lucy Spraggan – East Village Arts Club, Liverpool, UK (7th May 2019)

It’s an exciting time for both Lucy Spraggan and her fans – not only has she just deservedly scored her fifth Official Top 40 Album with ‘Today Was a Good Day’, but she’s currently embarked on a UK tour of intimate venues. We caught her much anticipated return to Liverpool at one of our favourite venues; East Village Arts Club.

As the soft guitar of the empowering ‘Fight For It’ from the 2017 release ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’ began, the audience were instantly captivated. Renowned for her heart on sleeve approach, ‘Fight For It’ wasn’t the only track in Lucy’s set that tackles the importance of mental health and she was later joined onstage by Joseph Dunwell of The Dunwells for the emotive ‘Stick The Kettle On’, which she released with Scouting For Girls last year in support of CALM.

Joined by her talented band, Lucy delivered a varied set of tracks both old and new, from upbeat fan favourites ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Tea and Toast’ to the piano-soaked ‘Uninspired’ from the 2015 release ‘We Are’, which saw a guitar-less Lucy deliver her strongest vocal performance of the evening – triggering a few tears in the process! Lucy continued to be amazed by the crowds dedication and raucous singalongs throughout each track and its heartwarming to see that their love for her is clearly reciprocated. Another thing that’s clear to see is how much Lucy enjoys being onstage – from her dancing to ‘Loaded Guns’, to her running on the spot to ‘The Tourist’, to the beaming smile displayed across on her face for the duration of the set.

Lucy’s lovable personality is one of the traits that sets her aside from a lot of artists and the majority of the anecdotes that she told between tracks were laced with humour – the best example being when she introduced ‘Don’t Play This on the Radio’; a tongue-in-cheek track from ‘Today Was a Good Day’ about her music not receiving airplay. Ironically the albums lead single ‘Lucky Stars’ has received airplay! ‘Lucky Stars’ was a highlight of the night, with its feel good nature shining brightly and the albums titular track ‘Today Was a Good Day’ continued the positive theme that surrounds the album.

Showcasing her talent for writing relatable lyrics and catchy hooks, it’s no surprise that Lucy’s new tracks sat comfortably alongside tracks from her first four albums. Not every artist would be able to end their main set with a track that had been out for less than one week, but Lucy did exactly that with the infectiously catchy ‘Lightning’! After just a couple of minutes, the band returned to the stage and Lucy – forever modest – taught the lively crowd the chorus to ‘Unsinkable’, before ending her spectacular set with the ‘We Are’ anthem that resulted in a sea of arms thrown in the air in unison.

From dates in the States to appearances at UK festivals – including Glastonbury – Lucy has a busy Summer ahead and if she’s playing near you, don’t miss out!