Lucy Spraggan - 02 Ritz, Manchester (4th March 2017)

Lucy Spraggan – 02 Ritz, Manchester (4th March 2017)

Described to be the show that she’d been waiting for, on Saturday night singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan took her current ‘Dear You’ tour to Manchester for a sold out show at the 02 Ritz.

Kicking off with a sublime rendition of ‘You’re Too Young’ from her debut album ‘Join The Club’, Lucy instantaneously had the crowd in the palm of her hand as they sang along at the top of their voices. Her latest album ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’ was released in January and the crowd certainly weren’t strangers to it as they proceeded to sing along to every track that followed; becoming almost charged by both the albums powerful opening track ‘Fight For It’ and the driving beat of ‘Loaded Gun’, as well as older tracks such as ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Last Night (Beer Feer)’.

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Lucy maintained a connection with the crowd that most musicians fail to reach and at risk of sounding cheesy, her loveable personality shone as bright as her talent throughout the duration of the show. Humour and relatable lyrics that touch on real life issues are both attributes of Lucy’s writing style and ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’ in particular is an album that contains lyrics that everybody can relate too.

There weren’t many dry eyes in the room as Lucy played the emotive ‘All That I’ve Loved (For Barbara)’, written about dementia; an issue close to her own heart. Whatever the track, Lucy poured passion and enthusiasm into it and ‘All That I’ve Loved (For Barbara)’ was a track that not only highlighted her vocal capacity, but also showed her at her most vulnerable as she touchingly gave the track everything that she had.

When you think back to previous shows that you’ve attended, you reminisce about the highs – something that will take quite a while to do with Saturdays as there were so many; especially for the couple who got engaged onstage during the heart warming ‘Butterflies’! This wasn’t the only time of the night that we saw guests on stage either as support act The Dunwells returned as backing vocalists for new track ‘Hey William’.

Towards the end of the show energy levels were still high as Lucy reminded the crowd of the chant-worthy and empowering chorus to ‘Unsinkable’, before playing the lead single from her third album ‘We Are’. Due to the early curfew, there was time for just one more and the night ended on a high with an almost crowd led performance of ‘Wait For Me’, complete with confetti canons and a huge beaming smile from Lucy. If anybody deserves to sell out the Ritz, it’s Lucy Spraggan!