Loyle Carner ended his World ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ tour in Manchester on Thursday night, fulfilling his dad’s legacy, as a musician who died when Loyle was very young, but certainly left his mark on the direction of his musical career. The whole night was set up in favour of his father and his family, who have supported and aided him in the creation of his music.

Opening the set were the Brixton pair Elisa and Srigala, who provided a very similar style to Loyle himself, they had supported him throughout his whole tour, so had amassed support, and an amazing stage presence. Packed with emotional lyrics and harmonies, the pair combined the style of rap, with their own unique style as a duet. With the release of their first single ‘1 O’clock club’ earlier in May 2017, expect to see much more of this pair in months to come, as they have definitely had a significant popularity boost, after being put in the limelight by Loyle.


At 9 the main attraction of the evening graced the stage, and was impeccable, as expected. Loyle, with a backdrop, of his father’s Manchester United shirt, it seemed a fitting location, being set in Manchester for the end of his tour. Opening his set with Isle of Arran- one of his original singes, released in 2015, everyone In the crowd seemed to know it, allowing Loyle to suddenly step up the mood. A mood that he didn’t let dwindle throughout the whole set.

He is very open about his ADHD and used this to his advantage throughout his set, dancing around the stage in a more animated fashion than you would expect, playing songs about his condition as well, being very open about this. He doesn’t only write songs in a relatable fashion, for people also suffering from the condition, but has completed a lot of charity work for sufferers in recent years.

Loyle integrated a lot of stories about the album creation process, and the influences he took inspiration from throughout his set. Consistently giving back story to each song. Like before one of his popular songs of the debut album: Florence he proclaimed that the whole premise behind the lyrics was that his mum desperately wanted a daughter and got two sons instead. Following this consistent theme of family, you see the close connection between his music career and the support his family have given, with the album cover of his debut album featuring a photo of his whole family, together.


Loyle Carner, then to the audience’s delight dropped the news of new songs, and potentially a new album for the audience to indulge in. Playing unreleased songs like ‘BFG’, advocating the prospect of a new album to come in the future!

Continuing his mini stories during the show, as it neared the end he explained about his dad and then played ‘Tierney Terrace’ and ‘Son of Jean’. Proclaiming that Tierney Terrace had been a song that until this tour he had been too sad too play, due to the emotional meaning of the song to him, so it was great to see Loyle progress, to use the love for his dad to create an amazing atmosphere for him to perform his music, to an equally keen crowd.


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