Los Angeles based indie pop trio, Lovelytheband, played a free concert and offered an autograph signing  at Looney Tunes record store in West Babylon, Sunday March 11th. Viewers of all ages along with a few members of the band Incubus crowded the record store aisles. Looney Tunes, family owned and operated since 1971, provided free pizza, beer and soda to fans while they played the bands EP Everything I Could Never Say…’ on repeat over the stores speaker system.

The owner welcomed the band to the stage with warm words of encouragement, letting everyone know how much he believes in promoting new and exciting music such as Lovelythebands. Looney Tunes will be releasing a live album of the event this November. Former frontman of the band Oh Honey, Mitchy Collins, started off the gig with Make You Feel Pretty. Instantly fans bobbed along with the punchy beat. The lyrics of this song are quite clever and amusing for a song about a toxic relationship. Seamlessly sliding in to the next track the band played another memorable song called Dont Worry You Will. All of their music has a strong West Coast vibe. It is easy to picture yourself driving around in a Jeep with the top down, sun shining and Lovelytheband blasting through the speakers. It makes sense that the next song they played was called Coachella. This tranquil track has smooth guitar riffs from guitarist, Jordan Greenwald and perfect percussion from drummer Sam Price.

To switch things up, the band played a cover of Pony. The audience was left with a taste of  what “Magic Mike” could have been if there was no stripping and an added strong indie influence. Surprisingly, just as good without stripping! What wasnt a surprise was how unbelievably infectious their new song was. It is also no great shock that Lovelytheband, who made their debut in July 2017, were named by Billboard One of 10 Rock & Alternative Acts to Watch in 2018.

Even though Lovelythebands music feels upbeat the central theme of most of their songs is emotional and quite sad. The next two songs the band performed were Strangersand Emotionboth of which were about past relationships, ones that apparently did not end so well. Before closing the show, Collins took time to tell the audience that Brokenis about depression. He reassured the audience telling them that, Sometimes it is ok to not be ok, your friends/family are just a phone call away.” ‘Brokenracked up over three million streams on Spotify. Once again this is not astonishing… the song is incredibly evocative and unforgettable! Collins encouraged fans to sing along with the band, ending the Sunday on a lovely note.

Lovelytheband s EP Everything I Could Never Say…’ Is out now via RED Music.

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