Over the years, The Lounge Kittens have been on an incredible journey, touring with bands such as Steel Panther, Status Quo and Skin Dred, performing at Download, and opening/supporting Limp Bizkit at Sonisphere. This made the prospect of their ‘Bring up the Rear’ tour gig at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea, on 27th April intriguing to say the least.

The support act was Joe Black, who played the ukulele and was dressed in an outfit more suitable for an end-of-the-pier fortune-teller. After serenading the crowd with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics about certain anatomical parts, he moved on-to the keyboard, where he musically sketched out a 1940’s German tea party, rather like something out of the early Monty Python sketch-book.

This comparison was backed up with the engagement of the crowd when ”How to Burlesque’ was performed. This performance was funny, dark and weird all at the same time – those with a prudish outlook would struggle to watch Joe’s act, but for those with a darker and more crass comedic mind-set, this is a must-see. And it just so happens that Joe Black will be back at the Wedgewood Rooms on the 19th July!

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So now for the main act, The Lounge Kittens….

Dressed in sparkly hooded lycra in their uniform colours of pink (Zan), red (Jen) and blue (Timia), the girls started with some adaptations of rock anthems, including a particular favourite from System of a Down. The crowd was transfixed by the harmonies these three were bellowing out while reciting lyrics that didn’t warrant being sung like that…, yet it worked and worked well. The girls followed this up with versions of many classics including German Rock Gods ‘Rammstein’, but two songs in particular that stood out were “Glory Hole” (not for the fainthearted!) and a cartoon melody, which the crowd loved. Who, if born in the 80’s, wouldn’t sing along to the theme tunes of “Cities of Gold”, “Masked Crusaders”, “Duck Tales” and “Thunder-Cats”? 

The audience was diverse, to say the least – a truly eclectic bunch of fervent fans (or the C-Bomb Squad, as they are known). Seeing all these different types of people under one roof was quite refreshing, and just helped to enrich the view of TLK’s zany duality and infectious talent for “’f**king s**t’ up” with a smile and a dash of glamour. They’ve won a lot of hearts and will continue to do so.

The crowd interaction and witty banter from the three ladies was both charming and hysterical, particularly when they, and the enthusiastic crowd, performed the T-REXican Wave, a version of the popular Mexican counterpart created by Zan, the dinosaur enthusiast. Think T-Rex and Mexican Wave.…yep, you’ve got it. Hilarious!  

Once they’d finished their performance, the ladies headed out to spend time with their fans for selfies, signatures, etc. This just helped to prove that they were humble and genuine ladies doing what they love whilst maintaining a level- headed attitude and remaining true to their image.  

These self-professed tuneful, cheeky, glamorous and geeky gals turned out to be just that. One downside to the gig would be that they didn’t perform “Rollin” by Limp Bizkit. Maybe one day (if you’re reading this, ladies) they’ll do a version of Pearl Jam’s “Alive” or “Jeremy”? 

It was raucous, crazy fun and a showcase for people with real zany talent, and this including Joe Black. You’d be crazy to miss them if given the chance. After the tour is done TLK will be preparing for the festival season starting at Download, where they’re planning to ride there for charity as part of www.heavymetaltruants.com

By all means help their course to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and Childline: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/The-Lounge-Kittens-hmtv


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