Lorde – Manchester Apollo, UK (26th September 2017)

Lorde set up an incredible show, on the opening day of her World tour in Manchester on Tuesday night. She took shows to a whole new emotional level, splitting her set into three separate parts, to show the progression of her life, with different outfits, and older/ newer songs across the different parts. Lorde has really taken the world by storm, on the back of her new album she really stole the lime-light of the summer, and after a spectacular show like this, she surely wants to dominate the music scene through Autumn and Winter too!

Opening the show was Khalid, Lorde’s support for the whole tour. Khalid, on the back of his debut album ‘American Dream’ has collaborated all his big hits, dramatically increasing his fan base and musical progression. Big hits emerging from this new album included: ‘Location’- a hit in the American R&B charts, and ‘Young Dumb and Broke’.


Khalid, has swung between many musical genres, incorporating influences as far reaching as Frank Ocean and Alt-J, trying to find his own style. On the back of his latest album, ‘American Dream’ with vocals resounding the likes of Rationale, he told an emotional story throughout his album; with hits such as “Another sad love song”.

Despite his deep lyrics, Khalid uses an overlay of R&B beats, and an extremely well made light show, the perfect set up to wow an overly expectant crowd, eagerly awaiting one of the biggest solo singers to date. Due to this, Khalid made a dramatic entrance, and provided a show that was not going to be forgotten by the crown despite him not being the focal point of the gig itself.

After Khalid’s exit, the crowd were treated to a ‘Video Interlude’ triggering the fall of the curtain, to reveal the start of Lorde’s Melodrama World Tour. Opening her show with her joint single- ‘Magnets’ recorded in collaboration with Disclosure. The single being released on Disclosure’s 2015 album, ‘Caracal’ was certainly not what the audience were expecting, but it certainly gave the crowd some life immediately.


Lorde’s set was split into three using different stage props, outfits and songs in each one. To open she shared the stage with a LED astronaut, playing the majority of these songs from her first album, ‘Pure Heroin’. Following the initial part of the set, there was another ‘Video Interlude’ and Lorde reappeared wearing what resembled a white conventional wedding dress, and she continued to play her most emotional and meaningful songs, if not to the crowd, but to her as well. The tone of the show totally flipped, it was amazing to see the control that Lorde had over the whole room, filled to the brim with avid fans.

Lorde then used the quiet, to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ with the crowd, of course incorporating her true delight to see everyone there, but also the fact she had been working on some of the songs in the show since she was 16, a dream for most 16 year olds nowadays. And how much it meant to be able to imprint her life, and the struggles she has seen into a song that has affected such a large community of people, in such a positive way.

Finally, another break, and it was clear, with most people in the crowd really feeling the emotional air of the set, she returned, in a wonderful red dress, ready to flaunt her largest and most popular songs, kicking off this section with ‘Supercut’ a fan favourite from the new album, and finishing her show on the biggest hit “Green Light”, which in part summed up the whole set, with the meaning of the song, proving that dispute whatever is going on there is always something to strive for: ‘[the] Green Light’. Of course, her set had been ground breaking and no-one wanted it to end so she was demanded back onto the stage for an encore, where she pleased the crowd with a live debut of ‘Loveless’ to end the show as a fantastic way to kick off her world Melodrama Tour.