Liverpool Music Week : Best Coast, The Kazimier (30th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW
Liverpool Music Week : Best Coast, The Kazimier (30th October 2015) - LIVE REVIEW

Liverpool Music Week : Best Coast, The Kazimier (30th October 2015) – LIVE REVIEW

This Liverpool Music Week article was written by Zamzam Ahmed, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson

With Liverpool Music Week in full swing, it was the turn of Los Angeles duo Best Coast to perform, for the first time, at their sold out show at the much loved Kazimier. Support for the main act came from Bathymetry, who opened the night to a growing audience, which at the time where all sat down. However they soon began winning over the audience with their dreamy melodies, poetic lyrics, and natural feminine charm. Despite the small technical issues, which the band humorously played off, they still produced a fairly engaging set. The stand-out songs from their album ‘Bathymetry’ were ‘Outsider’ and the incredible ‘Goblin Fruit’ – due to it’s pleasing bass undertones and the effortless harmonizing which only added to their relaxed, and delicate delivery Warpaint-esque songs.

Warrington based Viola Beach quickly got the crowd engaged with their energetic indie pop sound. The tracks were filled with an abundance of guitar, Foals-esque melodies, and feel good vibes. Their debut track ‘Swings & Waterslides’ has already received national radio play, and was the stand out song that got the entire crowd really moving, delivering all round indie goodness.

As the venue quickly reached its capacity, the uproar for Best Coast was dominating the venue. Best Coast rapidly went through their setlist that was filled with a selection of their latest 2015 album ‘California Nights’ and old fan favorites. The album ‘California Nights,’ which is the duos first release on a major label, is a growth is maturity –  both lyrically and stylistically. However, at the same time it still reflects the duo’s love for California and it’s wonderful to see that surf-pop hooks are still firmly embaded in their music.

The stand out performances of the night were ‘I Don’t Know How’ and “Feeling Ok”, thanks to lead singer and guitarist Bethany Cosentino’s captivating voice; it was soft and delicate and, when combined with the bands instrumental cohesiveness, was an utterly mesmerising experience for all in the attendance. Best Coast finished their gig with their biggest hit “Boyfriend” and throughout the gig you could sense there was a real need for this song – as people often shouted “play boyfriend” which Cosentino retorted with “If I had a dollar for every time someone shouted play boyfriend at our gigs we’d have many dollars”

Overall the gig was enjoyable but one can’t help but feel as though something was missing. It felt as if the audience was disconnected from the band. This was apparent throughout the gig as people would often be on their phones and talking amongst themselves instead of watching the show. However, despite this it would still be fair to say that Best Coast delivered a professional and impressive set.

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