Toy played an incredible set at Scala in London

Live: TOY – NME Awards Show, Scala, London

Have you ever seen a dog leaning out of a car window as it shoots past at high speed? Its ears are horizontal in the wind and its fur absolutely on end. The entire experience is sheer joy and I guess something it will never bore of.

My first experience of TOY was undeniably the same.

I’d expected it to be good. A close friend had told me that he had seen them last year. After the gig finished he explained that he was determined to visit the back stage area and ask them to play their entire set again. High praise indeed, even though I suspect a modicum of alcohol had fuelled his enthusiasm.

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What I didn’t expect though was that my reaction, to this quite incredible live act, would be duplicated amongst the entire crowd of 1000 plus. All seemed to be aware they were seeing something very, very special. There were open mouths amongst many. I’m certain for most this probably wasn’t even their first experience of TOY but each seemed as mesmerised as their first encounter.

TOY, from first to last song, hypnotised their crowd. Beautifully constructed melodies bathed in hard edged guitars filled the Scala (a perfect venue to showcase such talent). The band played with heads down, hair drooped over their instruments, each in their own personal space. However, each individual was vital to this quite incredible performance.

Kopter finished the short set, a stunning nine minutes of goose-bump rock. A longer set? Yes of course, but it didn’t matter. I’ve now experienced TOY and much like my friend … i want more. There is absolutely no doubt that this London 5-piece will go onto much larger things. Whether they are suited to larger venues or even stadia remains to be seen. But take some sound advice … go and see this group as soon as you can. Quite breath-taking.