Pigeon Detectives review KOKO
Pigeon Detectives review KOKO

Live : Pigeon Detectives – KOKO, London (30th October 2013)

An evening of high energy tunes, much air punching and a very excitable Matt Bowman. Cue the Pigeon Detectives at one of London’s marque venues, KOKO.

You simply cannot fault the passion and candour of the Leeds band, and how they approached this gig. Their enthusiasm and audience participation were there from start to finish as they managed to whip the majority of the paying public into a frenzy, and at times it was relentless. The idea was simple … enjoy yourself, as Bowman demanded we dance, sing and be merry. The band’s music has always been written to be thoroughly uplifting and even the harshest of critics would have been hard pushed not to have tapped a foot in recognition of this.

The set-list was as you would have expected. All of the big sellers were there, ‘Romantic Type’, ‘Take Her Back’ and the highlight of the evening ’I’m Not Sorry’. The latter was glorious.

The tunes are old but the majority still stand the test of time. It’s indie in its simplest of forms.

The new album ‘We Met at Sea’ was given an airing but it simply doesn’t have the punch of debut ‘Wait for Me’ or the excellent ‘Emergency’, and the tracks played from this tonight were unfortunately very forgettable. The bar was certainly a busier place when ‘Animal’ and ‘Hold Your Gaze’ were performed. The album hasn’t moved on from its predecessors and sticks to a slightly dated indie genre. You have to wonder if a slight tweak here and there (nothing as drastic as a change of direction) may put the band back on the map. For sheer energy and likability they deserve to be there.

Would I recommend a Pigeon Detectives gig? Yes, definitely. They are accomplished musicians and certainly put on a show. It’s a glimpse back into those halcyon days of 2007 but 6 years on from ‘Wait for Me’ that could also be their Achilles heal.


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