This ‘World / Inferno Friendship Society’ article was written by James W. Woë, a GIGsoup contributor

The World / Inferno Friendship Society are a band so authentically bohemian, you get the feeling if a guitar string broke on the first night of a tour it wouldn’t be replaced by the last gig. They are a band that gets under your skin, a band that calls out to the inner anarchist lurking in every soul. Time spent with them can often be a life affirming event.

The last few times the band has played in Scotland they were in grotty backrooms of pubs, so it’s nice to see them move to a bigger and better venue, more suited to their aesthetics, the ABC in Glasgow. They started with one of their oldest songs Tattoos Fade, which is a bit of slow burner compared to other songs they could start on, but it was an audience pleaser and put minds at ease that they were not just there to plug the newest album.

When reviewing a show, I usually take a step back, lurk in the shadows to take notes and try and take the show in objectively. But within three songs I was dancing with the rest of the audience and indulging in one of my favourite gig past times of tripping up over enthusiastic moshers.

Between songs the heart and soul of World / Inferno, Jack Terricloth took time to recount stories and anecdotes. Jack has great stage presence, he might not be a polished stand up, but these provided some of the best moments of the show and always worked as great thematic lead up to the next song.

One story went on for so long, some members of the audience grew restless and started to shout “play some songs” or “get on with it”. In a genius moment of crowd trolling, this ensured the story got longer and more obtuse every time a jeer or comment was made. Perfectly demonstrating that the bands “fuck you attitude” applies to everyone, even if you just want to enjoy their music.

The show featured a great selection of tunes that reflected the bands history. With subject matters revolving around Peter Lorre (my favourite actor), Leni Riefenstahl, anarchism, and making enemies cements them as band aiming straight for my heart. If you’ve ever wanted to smack yer boss in the face, pick up a few of their albums and you might just find you might become a different person. Maybe not a better person but one that has more fund at least.

By the end of the show, I had decided that I wasn’t going to write a review, but a political manifesto and move to Mexico where I would run guns for the Zapatista. This is testament to how energetic and awe inspiring World / Inferno are. Although this hasn’t quite happened yet, (read can’t afford the plane ticket). I did however hand the review in a day later than I said I was going to, so that’s one unnecessary act of rebellion chalked up. Now, I’m away to shoplift my dinner.

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LIVE MUSIC : The World / Inferno Friendship Society – O2 ABC2, Glasgow (July 14th 2015)