This ‘Here We Go Magic’ article was written by Eva Hibbs, a GIGsoup contributor

On Tuesday, Here We Go Magic proved why London is still one of the best places in the world to live. Given the minimalism of their tour – a cunning extraction of the O2 Academy’s, most of Europe, and the US’ west coast – we were a jammy group to catch them so intimately. A separate bar/lounge area that feels more like quirky festival pop-up, Electroworkz is a perfect venue. As Luke Temple himself said before commencing, playing music is “the best thing you could do in this little box”.

In true character, London’s welcome was a little stiff. Some heads bobbed, others shook subtly from side to side. But after the propulsive ‘Make Up Your Mind’, fresh song ‘Stella’ and the beautifully tentative ‘Be Small’ (the title track from their new album), the crowd were well and truly won over. It was testament to how, once we like something (fairy tales, pizza, tea) we completely endorse it. The band chose an interesting variety in their line up; new songs were dispersed between old, and older, favourites from ‘A Different Ship’, ‘Pigeons’ and their self-titled debut.

Though Luke Temple was dressed more like a Dutch pool junkie than an electropop front man, he was magnetic – a living, breathing music muscle. He deftly managed the band – a count in here, a timely glance there – whilst losing himself in the stream of consciousness lyrics that makes Here We Go Magic’s sound so original. ‘Tunnelvision’s’ vocal undercurrent and string picking renders it hypnotic. Live, ‘Land of Feeling’ is a soothing fable where ‘Easy come easy, you got madness on your mind’ practically sedates. Guitarist/synth operator Michael Bloch then begs for whiskey and, as if coming in on the next tide, receives a bottle.

Though demonstrating their individual quirks, Here We Go Magic consistently meet at, and progress to, the same level of intensity. Whether they’re at Talking Head’s elasticity in Collector or concaving into themselves on Ordinary Feeling’s Floyd-esque guitars, it’s as if a sensory cable runs between these guys. Bouncy, final number How Do I Know gets us all ‘Oooing’ and jiving with a sweetness we didn’t know we had. Show over, the foursome exit straight through the crowd in a single file chain: tight.

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LIVE MUSIC : Here We Go Magic – Electroworkz, London (1st September 2015)

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