LIVE MUSIC : Funeral For a Friend – Westland 2, Yeovil (25th July 2015)
LIVE MUSIC : Funeral For a Friend – Westland 2, Yeovil (25th July 2015)

LIVE MUSIC : Funeral For a Friend – Westland 2, Yeovil (25th July 2015)

This ‘Funeral For a Friend’ article was written by James Brinsford, a GIGsoup contributor.

Over the near fifteen years of existence, Welsh post-hardcore outfit Funeral For a Friend have almost completed a full circle of evolution. Coming out of Bridgend full of angst, they have been hailed for ‘producing one of the landmark screamo records of the 2000s’ before redefining themselves at the forefront of the emo movement with critically acclaimed albums ‘Hours’ and ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’.

They’ve now returned to their early roots with their latest offering ‘Chapter and Verse’ and with these new songs added to their repertoire, they arrived in Yeovil ready to shout it from the rooftops.

The Somerset market town is not often on the tour itineraries of ‘known’ bands and so there was the prospect of a fervent crowd ready to give as good as they got. The opening exchanges between band and audience felt like two neighbourhood cats sizing each other up before launching full on in to battle. Dogged with a few issues, which frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye described as “technical shit”, the crowd were on the verge of turning feral as the silence continued.

Reasoning with a few dissenters by informing them that he “hadn’t expected to have to do five minutes of stand up”, the singer was relieved when the gods of musical equipment sprung in to action and released the band at full throttle and everyone was singing from the same page again.

‘Streetcar’, which is Funeral For a Friend’s most streamed song, was the fuse that exploded the mosh pit and no-one looked back just in case an errant elbow caught them full in the face.

‘Juneau’ brought the obligatory hands aloft sing-a-long that all rock gigs are prescribed to provide, whilst ‘History’ had the room singing acapella with only a two-fingered salute to accompany them.

‘Roses For The Dead’ breathed new life in to the widening mosh pit and was enough to ensure that all in the room would have ticked the ‘Very Satisfied’ box if there’d been an after gig survey.

Due to the intimacy of the surroundings and the rapport between audience and band this was clearly a special evening for all. Live dates like this are few and far between and those present will be talking about this gig for months to come … there can’t be many bigger accolades that you can give.

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LIVE MUSIC : Funeral For a Friend – Westland 2, Yeovil (25th July 2015)