LIVE MUSIC : The Fall of Troy + Rolo Tomassi + CHON – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (22nd August 2015)
LIVE MUSIC : The Fall of Troy + Rolo Tomassi + CHON – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (22nd August 2015)

LIVE MUSIC : The Fall of Troy + Rolo Tomassi + CHON – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (22nd August 2015)

This live review was written by Ben Harding, a GIGsoup contributor

It certainly has been a while since Washington’s The Fall of Troy have set foot in the U.K. Front man Thomas Arak informs the crowd that it’s been nearly six years since they have even played any sort of live show during their fairly lengthy hiatus. This “comeback” tour you could say, has seen the band perform 8 dates up and down the U.K over the course of just one week. With even somehow performing at a festival during this hectic schedule. You really have to respect the sheer dedication of bands who are given schedules like these, as The Fall of Troy during this tour seemed to have had one distinct motive; to satisfy their most hardcore followers. Judging by this one night in Nottingham’s The Rescue Rooms, they have achieved just that.

To aid The Fall of Troy’s momentous comeback, instrumental progressive rock band CHON and mathcore, post hardcore, art punk five piece Rolo Tomassi have been given the opportunity to add fire to this rare occasion. As for the venue, we have Nottingham’s The Rescue Rooms, a very suitable location for this band’s core following, as it really is a dream location for this genre of music. If you have ever been to The Rescue Rooms you will totally understand this description, as it really is such a classic/traditional space for a punk/rock band. The stage is nor too big nor to small, the standing area is not too cramped and is most definitely big enough for a traditional mosh pit to materialize.

Overall, the venue is very satisfying as it also gives attendees the option who may not have the guts for the inevitable mosh pit to gather in the venue’s balcony area. The location for where most of the booze drinkers and gig photographers have stationed themselves for this evening. Although you may think this area would be a cop out for enjoying the full experience of a gig like this, you would most certainly be wrong, as it gives an amazing birds eye view of the entire stage and standing areas of the venue.

To open up the night, the crowd gathers to witness the first support band CHON, who musically are complete polar opposites to tonight’s headliners. Their sound is something that complements the venue perfectly and is immediately well received by the steadily growing crowd. From the get go big fans of the band are present, with the audience shouting out song suggestions from the first 10 minutes of their set to which the band seem flattered by. Performing tracks primarily from their 2015 record Grow, fans of the band (and even non fans) are completely mesmerized by the talented fourpiece. The guitar and bass work are exceptional and are very much complemented by the grooving drum patterns.

From progressive rock, the mood shifts to what this night musically, is going to be made up of. Sheffield’s Rolo Tomassi now take to the stage with their incredibly unique sound which is greeted with much anticipation by the now fully packed venue. Opening up with Ex Luna Scientia from their previous 2012 album Astraea, the five piece attempt to push the crowd into fifth gear with their energetic aggressive style of music, whilst also showing a softer side with new tracks from their 2015 record Grievances. Lead vocalist and front woman Eva Spence pounces around the stage giving a spectacular vocal performance along with the incredibly talented guitar/bass and drum work from the band’s key members. Even among some slight technical issues, the band carry on like true professionals and deliver a memorable and satisfying performance.

From the punk like aesthetics of Rolo Tomassi, the crowd seem raring to go for tonight’s headliners. The atmosphere continues to build within the venue as the 8:30pm start time draws ever near. The band enter the stage in a very casual fashion, simply walking on, plugging in their instruments, and launching into their first song of the night. From the first few moments however, front man Thomas Arak seems very unimpressed with the crowd’s unenthusiasm. He momentarily stops playing and tells the crowd to “wake the fuck up!” to which the crowd very happily oblige.

From this moment on, the crowd launch themselves into the first mosh pits of the night. It seems like the band’s biggest fans are involved here. Gazing down from the venue’s balcony, you can clearly see members of the audience in this pit singing their lungs out and thrashing themselves into each other like any decent mosh pit would expect. Their set is a continuous crowd pleaser, as they perform tracks off their debut 2005 record Doppelganger. The crowd steadily become very interactive with the band shouting out song suggestions and even commanding bassist Tim Ward to take off his shirt, which actually takes him quite a while to oblige.

The set continues to be a satisfying and fun one with the crowd roaring in delight after the conclusion of each track. A brand new song is even played demonstrating that the band have still got a very strong knack for songwriting after a lengthy hiatus. The song is what you would expect from The Fall of Troy, aggressive, energetic and most certainly loud. The song is received incredibly well, and maybe giving an indication of a new record in the not so distant future.

To conclude the set, the band bow out with some of their most well known tracks such as F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the night where pretty much the entire venue is heard singing along to this track’s infectious chorus. This performance especially, represents how tight of a band The Fall of Troy are, it really is like their hiatus never even happened. After one more song, the band say their thank yous and leave the stage to the rapturous applause from the audience begging for one more song. Unfortunately due to the venues 10:00PM sound curfew, this unfortunately didn’t happen, but high spirits are kept minutes after this realisation.

Overall the night has certainly been an eclectic mix of music; from the progressive rock styles of CHON, to the punk like antics of Rolo Tomassi and The Fall of Troy. The combination of such a classic venue and these styles of music make up for an incredibly memorable night equally for the fans and the bands involved.

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LIVE MUSIC : The Fall of Troy + Rolo Tomassi + CHON – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (22nd August 2015)