LIVE MUSIC : Enter Shakiri – Motion, Bristol (July 8th 2015)
LIVE MUSIC : Enter Shakiri – Motion, Bristol (July 8th 2015)

LIVE MUSIC : Enter Shikari – Motion, Bristol (July 9th 2015)

This ‘Enter Shikari’ article was written by Joana Ferreira, a GIGsoup contributor

After being forced to cancel the 12th June show at Motion in Bristol, due to vocalist Rou Reynolds being hospitalized, Enter Shikari came back for “Bristol: Take Two” – in bassist Chris Batten words. The band were so upset about cancelling the show (only the 3rd time that they had to do it in their career) that they organized a meet and greet with the fans that could make it during the afternoon. During the break between their supporting bands, Myth City and Area 11, guitarist Rory Clewlow was spotted drinking beer with the fans – which only comes to confirm how much this guys really care about their record buying public.

Opening with The Appeal & the Mindsweep I and quickly moving to Destabilise you could already tell this was going to be sweaty, loud and energetic gig. Not long after came what is always one of the high points of a Shikari show with Sorry You’re Not a Winner with the typical synchronized clap-clap-clap. Bristol did not disappoint and clap they did.

They moved seriously on to the last album’s first single The Last Garrison, with the band teaching their audience how to do the “war cry” and mashing up the end with Juggernauts. Next they presented three songs from their last album Never Let Go of the Microscope, Myopia and their latest single Torn Apart. The shows pace continued apace.

At the beginning of Paddington Frisk, Batten ask the crowd to start a circle pit, and the crowd easily made it happen, even if, by this point some people had already moved to the back to freshen up, for those experiencing this for the first time then a steady wall or the bar area was probably the safest place to view proceedings from. Mixing up a little of the old and the new, Mothership was up next with the traditional dubstep Motherstep intro followed up by There’s a Price on Your Head. Slipshod was greeted with all the anger that the song deserves and to finish it up, Anaesthetist, that made even the more reluctant to move to shake their heads.

The encore came in the form of Dear Future Historians – with Reynolds on the piano, improvising a little bit while what appeared to be some technical difficulties where solved – followed up by the bounce inducing Sssnakepit and Ghandi Mate, Ghandi.

There was a feeling that Reynolds is still not fully recovered from his hospitalisation as certainly some of the normal energy was missing. However, even at half speed they still produced a memorable evening.

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LIVE MUSIC : Enter Shakiri – Motion, Bristol (July 8th 2015)