This ‘Alvvays’ article was written by Daisy Lester, a GIGsoup contributor

Alvvays brought their UK tour to Brighton on Monday, hailing the town as one of their favourite places in the UK, an accolade that made them automatic favourites with the crowd. The group from Toronto breezed through their dream-pop discography, the wistful romanticism encroached in the pronunciation of the groups name ‘Always’ ringing true to their sound; feel good music with Canadian good manners to match.

Having formed in 2011, they only released their debut album last year, a raucous concordance of indie pop, a lazy summer record that remains alive all throughout winter too. ‘Adult Diversion’ and ‘Next of Kin’, the fast paced retro tracks begin the set, lead singer Molly Rankin’s sugar coated vocals never falling short. Rankin’s endearing comicalness in the intervals strikes up a relationship with the crowd, “Do you celebrate labour day over here? No, you do bank holidays, is that when the banks are all closed, how boring.” And Rankin isn’t the only musically involved person in her family, she is the daughter of one of Canada’s most prized inhabitants, The Rankin Family, an infamous folk collective.

The romanticism within ‘Archie, Marry Me’ sets the crowd going, hands raised in the air as voices join in with Rankin’s potent voice heralding over the instrumental “So honey take me by the hand and we can sign some papers / Forget the invitations floral arrangements and bread makers / Hey, hey, marry me, Archie.” Rankin then enraptures the room in her one-woman performance of ‘Red Planet,’ a sultry track with a psychedelic feel.

The high school friends spoke of time they had spent in a hostel in Brighton writing songs a couple of years back, asking the crowd if they had ever stayed there – “Of course you haven’t; you live here”, before covering Kristy MacColl’s 1998 hit ‘He’s On The Beach’, a song perfectly fitting to the five piece and their sound. With their hopeful wistfulness, charming wit and entrancing debut album, Alvvays are only getting more interesting.

LIVE MUSIC : Alvvays – Concorde 2, Brighton (7th September 2015)

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