Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Manchester Cathedral (26th February 2016) – LIVE REVIEWFun Lovin’ Criminals – Manchester Cathedral (26th February 2016) – LIVE REVIEW
Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Manchester Cathedral (26th February 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Manchester Cathedral (26th February 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

This Fun Lovin’ Criminals article was written by Oliver Hope, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

“1,2,3…. Can you hear us Manchester?” Fun Lovin’ Criminals stormed into Manchester’s Cathedral to play a rather intimate set, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album ‘Come Find Yourself.’ The cathedral itself is a beautiful setting to hold such a celebration, it has seen previous musical acts such as Laura Marling chime throughout its ancient structure, and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals will only add to its ever growing repertoire of musical acts that have graced its walls.

You can tell the band were jazzed up just to be performing here. Their happiness was evident from the ever fixed smiles that were on their faces for the entire night. The crowd were eclectic and energised. These are the true fans, the fans that have been around for all 20 of the band’s years, the believers of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. The lads from New York City showcased just what they are capable of, and the fans were left salivating for more. They entered the stage to the sounds of Star Wars, always a crowd pleaser, especially after the release of Episode 7. Their setlist was comprised of a track by track playlist of the album ‘Come Find Yourself’; a concept that is sometimes lost on fans, seeing as their biggest two songs were played in the opening 20 minutes of their set.

This was not any ordinary gig for them though, hence the change in the format and how their material was presented. It is a celebration of an album that still holds up amongst newer tracks of today. This record has been in circulation for 20 years now, their songs still receive widespread air time and their fandom is still as strong as ever. To still have a record carry this much cabler after 20 years is an achievement in itself, but to still be relevant enough to sell out a tour to showcase said album is a very significant achievement.

The crowd sang along to the likes of ‘It’s The Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ and ‘Scooby Snacks,’ and even some of the lesser known tracks from the album. The band broke the mould during the times where BritPop was all the rage, and they continue to do so to this day. They are arguably as popular now as they were in the 90’s and early 2000’s and they still carry that same level of swagger they possessed when they first broke onto the music scene.

Their sound can be described as a polymerisation of hip-hop, funk n’ soul and indie music. This is certainly showcased with tracks such as ‘Smoke ‘Em’ and ‘The King of New York.’ The gritty edge that accompanies music from around the Jersey of Bronx sections of New York City is ever present, and only adds to the overall enjoyable sound of the F.L.C. Huey Morgan has rose to high levels of infamy after his heated debate on British television show Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which he walked out of after a lively argument with the host at the time Simon Amstell. Now, he is recognised for the music, and rightly so.

‘Come Find Yourself’ is being re-released as a deluxe vinyl and also as an expanded CD. Huey also has a strong radio presence now, hosting and presenting a Saturday show on Radio 6 Music, showcasing the best new music from around the globe.

The show certainly didn’t disappoint. Huey and the rest of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals showcased the pure excellence of the album and showed why it can still be considered a classic amongst this modern day dystopia of music. Forever cocky and confident, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand and sent each one of them home happy.

Fun Lovin' Criminals

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