Gardenback by Outlast Photography

Little Illusion Machine / Ladies’ Darts Night / Gardenback – Jimmy’s, Manchester (8th July 2017)

A fantastic evening of psychedelia took place last Saturday night at one of Manchester’s most popular new venues Jimmy’s, filled to the brim with rock and punk tunes, an ecstatic crowd, plus a little bit of good ol’ Theresa May thrown in for good measure! The evening put together by Elephant Management consisted of three of the cities best up and coming bands; Little Illusion Machine, Ladies’ Darts Night and headliners Gardenback

Opening up the event was Little Illusion Machine, the psych rock trio not to be confused with the awesome track of the same name by Miles Kane & The Death Ramps, released their debut EP ‘M.O.T.H – Melancholia On The Horizon’ in March last year have really developed their own sound following the EP launch. As one gig goer mentioned “it’s the perfect mosh music”. A particular highlight to adhere to this statement was the brilliant instrumental to fan favourite ‘Hummingbird’, electric riffs, a bold bass line and shimmering vocals from frontman Lloyd Kelly, it’s a track to set them apart from the crowd in each and every way! 

Next up was punk rockers Ladies’ Darts Night. As is with most punk bands, they love to take the political world head on and this five piece does it in full force and with style. With their backdrop of video footage of Mrs May and getting rowdy about the Tories, what more could you ask for on a Saturday night? Getting on to their music, Ladies’ Darts Night have sparked something more original than they could ever have set out to do. Each track is filled with raucous vocals and ear-splitting riffs, not to mention their incredible stage presence. Even though the five of them could barely fit on the small corner stage in Jimmy’s, it led to the most magnificent set. Frontman Tom Milnes has an air of 80’s alternative comic Alexi Sayle about him, put that brash passion and dark humour into a live set and you’ve got something very special indeed. 

A highlight from their set has to be ‘PoV 2’, a classic from this band with infectious riffs, thrashing vocals and genius lyrics. Their debut EP ‘Tragedies, Comedies & Histories’ released in April is something utterly unique which is bound to see them soar to great heights in the coming months.

Headliners Gardenback looked completely at home on stage, engaging every member of the crowd into a head bop at least. Thinking on to their set on a grander scale is something that shouldn’t be too hard to imagine in the near future, and with their garage rock sound it’s something that is bound to have mosh pits going left, right and centre throughout. The trio from Oldham released their latest singles ‘Sleepless’ and ‘Call It A Phase’ in March and have gained a small army of fans since then. Both tracks feature psychedelic guitar riffs, dreamy vocals and a vibe that’ll keep you going all night long. As well as their awesome music, Gardenback have a brilliant stage presence. Setting up with flowers dotted around the drum kit, mic stands and amps all adds to the aesthetic, that again is something that will only bloom (mind the pun) into an instantly recognisable set in the months and years to come.

Not forgetting the ease of which the trio are able to pull a crowd in with, despite only having released two official tracks, Gardenback kept the crowd enticed throughout their set. With two new covers added in the audience couldn’t get enough, particularly with their version of Talking Heads ‘Psycho Killer’ which got everyone bouncing the sweaty basement of Jimmy’s. Following this the trio will be performing at Manchester’s newest festival Cotton Clouds on the 12th August which is sure to be a huge gig for the lads, and one to gain a mass of new fans no doubt.