Limp Bizkit @ Arena Riga (28/02/2020)

Let’s go down the memory lane when nu-metal was the most successful music genre. The band from Jacksonville named Limp Bizkit was on top of the world mixing rap and rock, and infecting everyone’s speakers with their energy and charisma.

After their massively successful shows in Russia the band decided to visit a small Baltic country named Latvia and show everyone that they are still in great shape and ready to destroy cities with their power. The set began with one of their strongest songs The Truth and it’s video on the screen to remind those who forgot who they are. Show me What You Got, Rollin and Hot Dog were amongst first songs that were played and fans instantly began jumping and singing along. The exchange of infectious energy between the legendary original members – Fred Durst, Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, John Otto and Latvia-born Dj Lethal – was out of this world. As if all those years Latvian audience has been waiting for the band to come back. Red capped fans were absolutely buzzing. Wes – known for wearing mind-blowing make-up on shows – was dead staring at the audience with four white eyes, and played with what seemed to be a stitched-up broken arm. What a legend!

During Livin’ It Up a little boy-fan joined Fred on stage during the breakdown sending the roof of Arena to the space. Limp Bizkit played a number of cover songs such as Blur’s Song 2 and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and Heart Shaped Box. During Faith Fred invited on stage “a fan, who could sing”. A guy named Den joined him which resulted in a magnificent duo. This gesture created the unbreakable bond between the audience and the band. Mr Durst showed how close they are willing to get to people and that people attending their shows are the main reason they do what they do. Acoustic version of Behind Blue Eyes made some of the listeners cry and reminded of good old simpler days when the song used to play on the radio. Encore that ended the gig with Take A Look Around was a perfect culmination for such powerful, mental performance. After all these years Limp Bizkit proved once again that they deserve to be on top. We really wish the best of success to Limp Bizkit and we can’t wait to perhaps hear a new material any time soon.
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