Liam Gallagher – Alexandra Palace, London, UK (7th December 2017)

He’s brandished his brother a ‘creepy little fart’ and compared him to a root vegetable, but Liam Gallagher’s ongoing feud with Noel has gone up a gear following the release of their shrewdly timed solo albums. Although both reached the UK Number 1, bygones would not be bygones. Their toxic sibling rivalry transcended to mocking each other’s live performances. During Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ performance of ‘She Taught Me How To Fly’ on Later… with Jools Holland, Noel had somebody (seriously) playing a pair of scissors. Never one to be outdone – after a piss-taking Twitter request – Liam brought a fan on stage to ‘peel spuds’ at his next set. So when Liam toured ‘As You Were’, he see’s it as a further opportunity to one-up Noel, again taking to Twitter to say he ‘must be twisting his tofu that his best work was sung and nailed by his younger brother’ and teased fans with ‘every single Oasis song I sang is potentially on the set list for the December tour’.

On 7th December, Liam played his biggest solo show to date at Alexandra Palace. The North London venue was packed to the rafters with old-school and new-school fans alike. With pre-set tracks such as The Jam’s ‘Town Called Malice’ and The Stone Roses ‘I am the Resurrection’, three generations of fans were well in the mood, singing along to every word and hugging their mates. 

Liam, wearing his trademark parka and with that same 90’s Manchester swagger, walked on stage to Oasis’ ‘Fucking in the Bushes’ to raucous chants of his name behind a backdrop of the words ‘Rock n Roll Star’ – the track which kicked off this Oasis-heavy set. Followed by ‘Morning Glory’ – this was instant gratification for those fans who came for the nostalgia. Both songs brought back memories of a time where guitar music was at it’s best, a distinguishably rasping vocal against such powerful guitar riffs. 

Liam and his band then went on to play five tracks from ‘As You Were’, including ‘Wall of Glass’ and the emotive ‘For What it’s Worth’ which diluted the erratic pogo-stick energy into a nonchalant sway. Liam’s crowd interactions were few and far between, but he couldn’t resist a sly dig at Noel by dedicating ‘Paper Crown’ to him. As one of Liam’s slower, higher pitched tunes, this didn’t carry his vocal range quite as well as on other tracks – not that the crowd were too fussed.

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Straight back in with the Oasis classics, hood up and fully glued to the microphone Liam snarled a nasal rendition of the anthemic ‘Some Might Say’ with the Southern crowd adopting their best faux-Manc accents on the lyric ‘SHIIINE’. Giving the crowd more where that came from, the encore included ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, ‘Live Forever’ and ultimate sing-a-long ‘Wonderwall’. A special moment and a brilliant end to what was a no-nonsense, rock n roll masterclass.

Liam might not have been blessed with the same dulcet tones as Noel, nor might he possess the same lyrical genius of his brother, but one thing that cannot be denied is his true rock and roll demeanour and force of a stage presence. Although static for most of the 90-minute set – apart from the odd flick of the V sign and a thank you here and there – he captivated thousands of people for the whole duration of the gig. Bravado and piss-taking aside, Liam has the ability to create a bubble in which it seems the vast majority are having the absolute time of their life. Those attending the Finsbury Park shows next summer should be excited.  


    1. Rock n Roll Star
    2. Morning Glory
    3. Greedy Soul
    4. Wall of Glass
    5. Paper Crown
    6. Bold
    7. For What It’s Worth
    8. Rockin’ Chair
    9. Some Might Say
    10. Slide Away
    11. Come Back to Me
    12. You Better Run
    13. Universal Gleam
    14. Supersonic
    15. Be Here Now
    16. Cigarettes & Alcohol
    17.  Live Forever
    18. Wonderwall

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