Larkins – Band on the Wall, Manchester, UK (18th August 2017)

Larkins, after recent success in Europe and on the back of their new single, returned home to a familiar gig in their hometown; Manchester.

Dubbed as the next arena sensation, Larkins embarked on their first headline tour of the country, bringing together bands from all over to join them. Opening the gig was Matter of Mind, the Stockport based 4 piece, inciting the crowd, whilst showcasing their well-constructed EP- ‘A State of Mind’. They really were special, as they showed they were enjoying being up there performing as much as the crowd were loving them being there.

The Indie rock 4 piece, performed flawlessly with emotional lyrics, especially through their new single ‘Stay’ accompanied with fantastic guitar riffs throughout their set.

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The widespread talent following Larkins was superb, especially with Glasgow based: Indigo Velvet, who brought their funky, individual sound to light in the heart of Manchester. Indigo Velvet have had quite the summer, bagging and playing 11 festivals so far, with a return to Greater Manchester to come for ‘Head for the Hills’ on the 16th September.

Indigo Velvet embody the tropical pop genre entirely, creating a sound almost impossible to not groove too. Therefore, if any crowd ever needed to get in the mood for a fantastic gig and excitement for what is to follow, Indigo Velvet are the perfect four piece to do so. As well as this, not only does their individual style and funky beat make you smile, you can add their dress to that as well; I have never seen a band match their outfits to their music so well!

Finally, filling the headline slot, Larkins came out much to the audience’s approval. Following on from the release of their new track ‘Sugar Sweet’ filmed whilst away performing a multitude of shows in Europe. They began a tour of England, tailoring each of their shows to the single; selling their own sugary treats at the merchandise stand of each of the shows.

Opening their set, Larkins showcased their new single to excite the crowd, not only because it’s their grooviest song, but also with the prospect of even more music to come. They followed this impressive start with a new unreleased track: ‘Blind’, that they dubbed: “their sexiest tune yet”.

Continuing to impress the highly expectant Manchester crowd, Larkins showed off their musical capabilities before spicing their set up a bit. The Manchester based quartet left the stage pretending to have finished, when Josh Noble, the lead singer came back alone, wielding his acoustic guitar, suddenly altering the pace and tone of the gig entirely.

Josh, continued to play Sapphire unaccompanied, probably their most emotional song to date, from the debut EP, ‘Don’t Leave the Lights on’. This was the cutest moment of the set as you could truly sense the amazing atmosphere he was creating for the crowd.

Then the band returned, to their former upbeat, rip-roaring selves, as the rest of the band returned to the stage for their hit single ‘Hit and Run’. Much to the audience’s enjoyment as it set the tone to remember for the whole night.