Oxford Street’s legendary 100 Club played host to a trunk full of funk this Friday night. The late night venue, that has been open since the 1940s and that has played host to acts like Louis Armstrong, The Jam and The Rolling Stones, still includes it’s original interior, looking more like a pool hall than a music venue. Never the less, the dingy exterior of the basement club does much to promote an air of nostalgia; a throwback to an age of toe-tapping northern soul. Tonights festivities were to be delivered by Lack of Afro, a funk band that is on the tour circuit promoting their latest EP ‘Back In Business’. Their music borrows influence from all over the funk spectrum; The Jackson 5, Earth, Wind and Fire and Sister Sledge can all be heard in the fabric of their complicated rhythms and drum lines.

But, before Lack of Afro thundered onto the stage, the night was introduced fittingly by The Crowd Company, who describe themselves as a “modern take on vintage funk” certainly lived up to that accolade. Rattling through a selection of tracks from their latest album ‘Now Or Never’ the group were lead by classically groovy organ and bass line.

Lack of Afro stormed through a set that focused heavily on their latest release. Elliot Cole, who acts as vocalist, guitarist and front man for the group brought a kind of nerdy charisma to the affair, acting as a bubbly and bright master of ceremonies throughout. A particular highlight of came in the form of ‘Lets Take It Up a Notch’, a catchy party tune that invited the crowd to let lose and cut some serious shapes. Towards the end of the set, there was a switch around amongst the musicians. Adam Gibbons, bassist took his seat at the drums, whilst their original player Harry Harding picked up the tambourine. Cole lead the switch-a-round with his own expert performance on the bass. ‘Back in Business’ was another moment of absolute fun where Cole proved to able to transition into the role of rapper seamlessly.

Lack of Afro polished off a full evening of groovy music and good vibes with a medley of classic funk tunes that made the audience lose what was remaining of their minds.

You can listen to ‘Back To Business’ on all major streaming services.

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