This Kula Shaker article was written by Ellie Scott, a GIGsoup contributor

On a truly filthy night in Camden, Kula Shaker brought their own brand of sunshine to the legendary venue of The Roundhouse. Prior to their appearance, a multitude of incense burners on the stage gave a sweet smelling calmness to the atmosphere of excited anticipation.

The new album, ‘K2.0’, is less than a week old, and is a celebration of their twenty years of making music, the title a reminiscent throwback to debut album ‘K’. They have released five albums in that time and memorably supported Oasis at Knebworth in 1996, their sound being an essential part of the Britpop phenomena. Time has barely aged Crispian Mills, who still has a full mop of blonde hair flopping over his eyes, ready to shake along like an 18 year old. No need for Celebrity Fit Club either, as he bounced away with an energetic delivery superior to any gym class.

Despite the release of new material, the band didn’t overfill the set list with unfamiliar tunes. From the new album they played first single, the hugely likeable ‘Infinite Sun’, ‘33 Crows’ as an acoustic number and album closer ‘Mountain Lifter’, during which the big screens had the sort of vertiginous fly-over-the-mountains footage that could make the aviophobic heave.

The old material was gratefully received, ‘Mystical Machine Gun’ getting a rousing reception and all the favourites, ‘Grateful When You’re Dead’, ‘Tattva’, ‘Hush’, ‘Hey Dude’, ‘Govinda’ inspiring big, mellow and loving sing-alongs from a big, mellow and loving crowd. All this to a colourful backdrop of Eastern imagery and Hindu gods. The guitar-sitar sound is central to the psychedelic rock that makes Kula Shaker’s music unique, along with the ability to be upbeat without being shallow and poppy. The night was a fabulously uplifting and joyous experience, and with the spiritual aspect of the band so prominent, they must have been very satisfied with the energising effect they had on the Roundhouse crowd.

Kula Shaker – The Roundhouse, London (17th February 2016) – LIVE REVIEW

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