With support from Fickle Friends and Clean Cut Kid, The Kooks were inevitably going to make an immense impression with their collection of everlasting hits. With a huge dreamy cloth hung before them on stage, the anticipation only got too much for the eager crowd. As the band appear behind the dropping curtain the crowd erupts as charming frontman Luke Pritchard leads the triggering ‘Eddie’s Gun’.

The good old favourites weren’t hard to miss as fourth song in ‘Bad Habit’ rightfully showed an appearance on the setlist. One hit wonder ‘She Moves in Her Own Way’ further increased the glee throughout the buzzing audience; it truly was a night of nostalgia everyone craved.

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“How you feeling Al?” Luke giggles, teasing the North London audience in between favourites ‘See the World’ and ‘Forgive & Forget’. Another liberating classic ‘Ooh La’ set everyone dancing again, encouraging you to put their hands in the air. The sea of people started to develop waves as many shoulders were sat on, creating a somewhat festival feel.

As Luke takes the stage alone he empathetically announces, “This is for anyone going through some shit.” He goes onto play the heart-felt piano led ‘See Me Now’. His voice elegantly echoes around the beautiful surroundings. As he asks, “Would you be proud?” this emotional tribute to his Dad became an intimate moment shared between us all. The mood was suddenly lifted with following tracks ‘Sweet Emotion’ and ‘Jackie Big Tits’.

The charisma Luke produces really seemed enlightening. “Let’s sing together” he smiles. “All get on shoulders and get your lighters out.” He bursts into the one and only ‘Seaside’, opening track of 2006 debut album Inside In/ Inside Out on his acoustic guitar. Everyone bounced about merrily and kept on singing throughout ‘Westside’.

‘Junk of the Heart (Happy)’ was the last song before the encore although it could have easily been the last song of the evening. The sway amongst the cosy crowd pulled you along to the infectious guitar riffs. 

A further three songs graced the stage before they left. The foot stomping anthem ‘Around Town’ made the excitement hit harder then before, followed by a burst of confetti creating a wonderful shower of shimmering glitter. The pinnacle finale was a huge rendition of much loved ‘Naive’, which undeniably left us feeling uplifted and satisfied. There is no doubt The Kooks move in their own way.


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