King no-one, after a sell-out tour to end a superb year in 2016, have returned to Manchester for a significantly larger, more exhilarating tour. Filling bigger venues and with a host new surprises along the way!

The Leeds/ York four-piece incited the hopes of the crowd, creating the groove they certainly deserve with their quirky yet awesome sound and stating that the beautifully set ‘Deaf institute’ set in the heart of Manchester was, “the best night of the tour so far”!  The group, following their new release single ‘Antichrist’, maintained their quirky rock-pop style certainly shaping the show and their tour so far, with hints at new releases to come!

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Support act Bayonet were first to grace the Manchester stage, and wow, what a way to do so! In any support act you look for a good vibe to easily get the blood flowing and to set the tone for the gig. For many, as this was the first time they had heard the band, they definitely left a powerful image, especially with their new release single ‘Call me when it’s over’. With direct correlation to the gig date, this new single was released that morning (out now!). Therefore, Manchester were treated with some of the finest up-and-coming alt-pop in the scene!

The Sheffield based four-some found Manchester no new territory, taking it in their stride and delighting the crowd with their unique sound. Having connections with other up and coming bands such as: Cassia, Marsicans, Clay and of course King No-One, it will be no surprise over the coming months when we hear more of the fantastic Bayonet. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where the indie rockers roots lie, but they hold a similar vibe to the fantastic Fickle Friends.

After sufficient time to calm down from the superb support, King No-One kicked off the show with one of their old classics ‘Constellations’ which, in my opinion, created the perfect start; a tune that is well known and easy to get your groove on! In the beginning, King No-One just got on with their music, until about 3 songs in where the emotions came flooding out. They opened up to the crowd stating that this certainly was the best show so far of the tour, and how lucky they were to have a support base such as the one they have amassed.

Undeniably, this was the turning point, taking the show from that original wow-factor to one of the best gigs the audience had experienced. It is truly amazing to be able to witness a band enjoying the gig just as much as the fans themselves, truly magical. King No-One, following on from this sudden confidence boost, brought out some of their most popular songs including their new release ‘Antichrist’. The crowd (with aid from the excessively springy floor) were enabled the space to thoroughly enjoy the music, with mosh pits opening left, right and centre! The individual and quaint venue that the Deaf institute is, had certainly had a rocking week, with The Amazons headlining previously.

It is amazing to see the genuine nature of a band like King No-One. After seeing them multiple times, it’s evident that they are really in the industry for more than their own fame, but for their love of music and the power of music to break down prejudice and bring everyone up to the same level. As they expressed in the gig: “King No-One means that everyone is equal” truly proving their honest respect for their fans, and how they want to give back to them.

As the gig wasn’t for a new album, the headliners put a variety of different songs into their awesome set list which included some very exciting new tracks! The first of these was a song called ‘Supernova’ which followed the similar quirky alternative pop style that King No-One have always produced. Incorporating encapsulating vocals and addictive guitar to really get the crowd going to songs they had never even heard before! Secondly, the Yorkshire four piece showcased a slower more meaningful song called ‘Two Islands’; accentuating the pure skill of these musicians and their diversity. With the prospects of more songs to come, King No-One fans should be very excited, with them surely building up to a debut album soon!

Finally, King No-One finished on their most iconic song thus far in their careers: ‘Alcatraz’ which really got the crowd rocking. The song boasted very individual riffs, and a well-defined drum beat along with a catchy chorus to truly end the show in style. The four piece stated towards the end that there would be no encore as they wanted to avoid the “gimmicky, pretentious stuff”. Consequently, leaving the music to dance through people’s heads as opposed to the showy gimmicks some other gigs may include.

Awesome to be enlightened to the new music growing up north, in the form of Bayonet; alongside the true inspiration that King No-One is becoming.

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