King Dude @ St Pancras Old Church (02/03/2020)

After long working day a good portion of dark folk/blues about Satan is exactly what is needed. On Monday evening TJ Cowgill aka King Dude played a set of dark songs in possible the most fitting venue for his style. The church was full with people dressed in black who are obviously into metal, alternative and unusual styles of music.

The atmosphere was very special. No one dared to make any loud noises to avoid interruption of the musician’s songs. People sitting right before the altar where King Dude was standing, playing his black guitar and singing. Behind him were figures of Christ and multiple crosses. Dark lyrics about atheism, death and satanism created a thrilling yet intriguing contrast between visual elements of the church and TJ’s art. And it worked incredibly well! While playing Full Virgo Moon, 45 at 666 and The Satanic Temple the audience was cheerfully swinging to the tempo of the songs and smiling.

King dude ended his performance by moving to the back of the church where a piano was standing. He decided to play a song or two while playing the instrument. This gesture showed how genuine he is with his music. He was obviously a bit nervous, but his decision of coming to the audience was well received and respected. He spent some time to shake hands, give hugs and connect to his fans after the gig was over. It was a special night full of style and creativity. Check King Dude’s music and his latest album on Spotify:

Photo credit: Alina Salihbekova –