Three shows into their biggest tour to date, To Kill a King showed enthusiasm for the remainder of the UK section heading into the Europe section of their tour. Speaking to them beforehand, it was clear that the past 3 years, had been “hard work creating their new record, ‘The Spiritual Dark Age’”. Yet, now they could perform songs to their avid audiences that they knew, because it had finally been released.

The opening act of the evening – Josh Savage stood alone on the stage, like he does in the music industry, with no record label or management to speak about. Savage embodies the ideals of many budding musicians, he is a success story to be followed. He is rising rapidly, through the industry, in a respectful fashion, exactly what he deserves for his well-tailored lyrics and ability to create an atmosphere for all ages to have a sing-along. Perfectly shown during his set at Manchester’s Academy 3 with his song, ‘Lost in Paris’. Where despite few knowing the song, he could get everyone involved, a skill, I think, everyone desires!

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Whilst spicing up To Kill a King’s line-up for their UK tour, he also added to the merchandise stand, bringing his own honey, to sell, most would sell T-shirts, CD’s etc, but not Josh Savage, he takes a light-hearted but skilful approach to music, that should be applauded.

There are only a handful of bands that can achieve mass-appeal, next on the line-up, CHILDCARE, have certainly achieved this. Dubbed as revitalising the whole layout of the pop-punk scene. Taking influence from SKA, Punk and hints of dancehall, CHILDCARE seem to have created the perfect amalgamation of genres to achieve their unique sound.

It was awesome to witness the musical prowess that they showed throughout their set, using dramatic breaks alongside hard-hitting guitar riffs, the effective breaks gave a chance for audience participation and dramatisation during their set. How, one band can squeeze so many musical techniques, into 4 released songs, is truly outstanding, lead singer Ed, and bassist Emma’s voices are perfectly used throughout the songs to harmonise and it is clear to anyone that listens.

Rightly so, CHILDCARE have won many awards over the last couple of years, like ‘London on the Inside’s’ artist of the year award in 2015. With further following from huge names in the industry, like Bastille, they are surely a band for you to look out for in the future. I mean, I felt I had to buy the vinyl as I left the gig…

After an all-star, award winning line-up before To Kill a King took to the stage to a fully expectant crowd, with the intention of wowing them with their new album. Initially I was upset at the fact that “The Spiritual Dark Age” was only released a day before their show, which left the crowd still not knowing the songs themselves. But beforehand, Ralph Pelleymounter (lead singer) told me the intention, was to prove to people, “it was their best album to date”. Wow, did they manage that, or what? Beforehand my favourite album was ‘Cannibals With Cutlery’ but I haven’t stopped listening to the album since! Hearing it in the flesh, delivered in such an atmospheric and pure fashion really accentuated the musical prowess and equally how much it meant to the band, “less crazy now it’s out”, not just the crowd.

The new album, took on a new perspective, to show the seriousness To Kill a King have moving forward into future shows, bringing an amalgamation of excitement through righteous guitar riffs and a clearer bassline. This brings together the clever use of all 5 talented musicians to create an atmospheric experience for all fans.

Ralph, took the opportunity during the set, to use the audience, for his musical argument, during ‘Love is not Control’ focussing around the pivotal question, is it “Ha” or “Hey”? You decide. As the album had been coming for three years, questions like these had clearly been creating inner turmoil for the members of the band, so they needed an answer from the crowd to clear it up!

Finally, leading into the final stretch of the set, they technically finished on ‘Wolves’ but did have an encore set for the gig, however, they were enjoying themselves so much they didn’t want to waste time by leaving the stage and returning, so they just went silent for a few seconds and forced the crowd to cheer them to start playing again. It was a comical end to a beautiful gig which just made everyone leave with a big grin on their faces, I hope this is true for the bands as well.

The setlist was…

Bloody Shirt
Compassion Is A German Word
Spiritual Dark Age
The Unspeakable Crimes Of Peter Popoff
I Work Nights And You Work Days
Compare Scars
Love Is Not Control
I Used to Work Here Perhaps You Did Too
Oh My Love
No More Love Songs
My God and Your God
The Good Old Days
Fictional State
And Yet…

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