Kasabian – Terminal 5, New York, NY (September 14th 2017)

Kasabian, named after Linda Kasabian,  the young girl who drove the escape car for Charles Manson and his family after the Tate-LaBianca murders, kicked off the North American leg of the tour for their album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ at Terminal 5 in New York City.

A blueish purple glow was cast over the venue from the tear-shaped backdrop on top of the stage. Suddenly, the teardrops flashed to coincide with the sound of beeps that you might hear if you were desperately disassembling a bomb before detonation. As the beeps increase in pace, Kasabian burst onto the stage.

After a high energy performance from raw U.K. punk rockers Slaves the crowd screamed with pure excitement knowing that the night was nowhere close to ending. The two member rock group which consists of one electric guitar and a stripped down drum set was the perfect act to set the stage for Kasabian. With their uniquely British sound, Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman gave the crowd a head banging performance playing songs like ‘Fuck the Hi-Hat’ and ‘Cheer up London’. The audience was mesmerized by the band’s ability to start and end on a high note not showing any trace of exhaustion after their endorphin rushing performance.

Lead singer Tom Meighan kicked off Kasabian’s set with ‘Ill Ray (The King)’ the crowd danced around, no doubt drawing moves from the music video’s leading lady Lena Headey. As the band  played through songs such as ‘Underdog’,  ‘Shoot the Runner’, and ‘You’re In Love With a Psycho’ it was clear that the band has perfected the art of creating massive crowd pleasing tunes. WIth every song the mosh pit grew and grew, only pausing to push a crowd surfing concert goer forward over the barrier.

Barely taking a break in between songs to catch their breath, Kasabian powered through hit after hit matching the ever growing energy level of the crowd. It was nice to see the friendship between the members of the band, displayed in their introductions of one another and playful banter before ‘Treat’.

The band clearly has a cult following. During the performance of ‘Bless this Acid House’ the Union flag ,which represents the entire Kingdom of England, including Wales, was passed around the mosh pit by eager fans.They took pride in waving it around the air so that the band members could see that they have U.K. supporters in the audience at a venue on American soil.

Closing out their fourteen song set Kasabian followed up with an encore of ‘Comeback Kid’ and ‘Vlad the Impaler’. Ending the show with the ever favorite ‘Fire’. Sergio Pizzorno managed to persuade the continually moving crowd to crouch down to the ground and then erupt with movement when the chorus hit. If you like to have a great time with a touch of U.K. flare, look out for Kasabian performing at a venue near you.

‘For Crying Out Loud’ is our now via Columbia Records.

Photo Credit : swanandlion – Instagram