Kaiser Chiefs (+Razorlight) 17th of January, 2020 @ Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Every time a band from UK announces a tour it gives a warm feeling to local fans. Kaiser Chiefs is one of UK’s absolute favorites. Coming from Leeds they gained popularity and admiration in early 2000’s and their fanclub continues to grow thanks to the band’s continuous hard work and inspiring enthusiasm. Together with them was another band formed in the UK named Razorlight, and it is a combination made in heaven to those who love indie rock genre. Razorlight showed an incredible musical skill and passion. The audience loved every song from “In the morning” to “Brighton Pier”; people were dancing, singing along and were giving the band their loving energy. Cherry on top of this beautiful “cake” was their well known tune “America” during which people on seats stood up and raised their hands. Undoubtedly successful night for Razorlight.

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Shortly after the stage design and decorations completely changed giving place to something mind blowing. Screens, lampposts, a whole house wall, band’s name in neon lights – this and so much more appeared on the stage and at first it was very easy to miss where the band is as it was hard not to get lost in every visual detail of the show. The band appeared on one of the decorations that resembled a house wall on the street giving a feeling of them still being simple guys from Leeds, still remembering where they are coming from. Set list was as explosive and energetic as the band members themselves: “The Factory gates”, “Coming home”, “Everyday I love you less and less” and other hits and songs from their new album “Duck”. When Kaiser Chiefs vocalist Ricky Wilson appeared in the middle of the crowd and let a girl from the audience choose what song to play next they showed once more how close and friendly they are. And, of course, the show ended with a bang named “Oh my God”. Kaiser Chiefs are most definitely putting their souls in what they do. They feel like you good neighbors, your friends rather than celebrity musicians. And no wonder they are still so admired at home in the UK and will be admired for days to come.