Camden Assembly, a great London venue with great history. Formerly known as Bar Fly Camden, bands such as The Libertines have graced the stage here. The venue was packed out for this exciting new band- with Radio X and Virgin employees there on hand to enhance their reasoning for promoting Judas on the airwaves.

By the end of the gig, they would have more than had enough reason to give Judas more airtime. This was a tight set from the band, having played several dates on their current UK-wide tour already, they are fast becoming a well-oiled and professional unit.

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Big tunes and big sounds were the order of the day, ‘Love is The Enemy’ had people swaying and hollering back the lamenting lyrics back at lead singer John Clancy- this is definitely a song that will aid their packing out of bigger venues in the future. New track ‘Some People’ lets the band really open up, laying down massive guitars and catchy lyrics.

Clancy urged people to clap along, “go mad” and to sing every word. The excitement and energy in Clancy echoed through the band as he shouted out at the crowd “this is our best fucking gig ever!”

‘Sister’ is a wonderful tune, with hauntingly guitars that echo underneath Clancy’s emotive voice. All this comes before a chorus that will have you singing even if you don’t want to. Sam Horvath on drums keeps things tight with a simplistic rhythm underneath. One cannot help draw comparisons to Catfish and The Bottlemen when you see this group live: big choruses, catchy lyrics and relatable stories, all undercut with a “fuck it!” attitude.

Todd Blackmore and James Philips (guitar and bass, respectively) keep things stitched together: the threading between the entertaining battling of Clancy’s voice and Horvath’s drumming.  We are sure this band are destined for bigger things.

Offstage, they are light-hearted young lads who are just enjoying the journey they are currently on- hangover induced headaches and all. Onstage, the love and dedication for what they are trying to create is obvious. It is as if once they cross that line to come onstage, the clowning about stops and the serious heads are screwed on.

All present at this gig felt that something big was witnessed tonight. The band’s tour continues through the UK this month, into June…’d be a fool to miss them! - JUDAS

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