Jon Bellion fans from Toronto bared the cold on Oct. 24 as they waited to enter the Rebel Entertainment Complex (formerly known as the Sound Academy). Once fans entered the building, and the concert started, the energy was electric.

Before Bellion came onstage, there were three artists to warm up the crowd. Clark Beckham started the show and quickly impressed the audience with his incredible vocals. Every note Beckham sang wowed the crowd. For those who had never heard of Beckham before, his style was like a cross between Ed Sheeran and Hozier.

The Blaque Keyz and Travis Mendes followed Beckham’s performance. These two artists were more upbeat sounding then Beckham. And both artists used their meaningful, and intriguing, rap lyrics to win the crowd over and hype them up before Bellion came onstage.

Quickly after the three opening artists ended their sets, Bellion came on stage.

Bellion kicked off the night and opened with ‘He is the same’, the same song that opens ‘The Human Condition’ album. This was followed by a song off an older album, ‘Woodstock’, this excited long-time fans as they screamed even louder and kept newer fans on their toes.

Throughout the night, Bellion was just as energetic as his album. This energy could be seen through the fans as well, everyone was singing, dancing, jumping and screaming throughout the entire concert. 

Overall, The Human Condition part III was an immaculate concert. The passion both onstage from the artists, and offstage from the fans, was contagious.

Although the actual performances from the concert were amazing, the venue was not. The Rebel Entertainment Complex is general admission, which is normally fine, however, when it was originally built as the Sound Academy the stage was constructed almost inverted causing the artists to be lower than fans. This can be hindering to someone’s overall experience at this particular venue, especially if they are shorter. Despite this, the sound quality is impeccable, clear and complemented Bellion’s, as well as the other artists, natural talent.

Due to the album’s success since its release in 2016, Bellion has been able to go on tour three times. At this concert, he announced he is working on his next album.


‘He is the same’
‘All Time Low’
‘Run Wild’
‘80’s Films’
‘Woke the F*ck Up’
‘Maybe IDK’
‘New York Soul, Pt. ii’
‘Hand of God’
‘Jim Morrison’

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