Playing The Dome, Tuffnell Park

Jimothy Lacoste – The Dome, Tufnell Park (28th September 2018)

According to Jimothy Lacoste ‘Life is Getting Quite Exciting’ (LIGQE) – and so it should be, if you’ve just sold out your first solo show in your home town. 

Approaching The Dome in Tuffnell Park, I anticipated a crew of tweens dressed in Ralph Lauren caps, getting a bit lairy. I was of course totally spot-on there, but also pleasantly surprised to see a crowd from all walks of life – a few parents, some older promoters, incredibly well-dressed couples and what I suspect were a lot of Jimothy’s friends (the guest-list queue took twice as long as the ticketed…) The crowd was abuzz with speculation and I had the pleasure of over-hearing someone excited tell his mate: “I met him – he really is like that in real life!” LIGQE for me, on a chilly September evening in North London.

The rapper from Camden, real name Timothy Gonzalez, is fondly known for his Michael Jackson-esque dance moves, DIY music videos and lo-fi rap. He entered the stage in statement red trousers (not the first or last time he’ll dress like Rupert the Bear) Gucci belt, shades and a black leather jacket, which to the delight of many squealing girls in the crowd didn’t stay done up for long…

Jimothy was accompanied by two ‘security guards’ – possibly his mates, who stayed statue-still the entire set – a young woman on the ‘decks’ – who spent most of the time Instagram story-ing herself – and a guy filming the whole set, complete with a flag tied around his head. 

This scene was all a bit much for the crowd, who couldn’t help but laugh when ‘DRUGS’ started to play. The track, an ode to kids getting too wavy, gives practical advice to listeners: “Take it easy with your drugs or it can be a loss. Xannies are the number one thing I hate – if you love them more than food i’m finna cancel the date.”
Ironic, as the crowd were anything but sober. It was Friday night after all… 

Nevertheless Jimothy pushed on, somewhat nervously, performing new hits ‘Spanish’ and ‘Fashion’, as well as a couple of unreleased tracks. He had us all dancing and singing along to more well-known track ‘Future Bae’, with a declaration that “I’ve never stage-dived before, I’m gonna do it!” Even when swimming over the crowd, Jimothy kept his distinctive, deadpan delivery going, before hopping back onto stage to show off more of those body pops. 

While the set didn’t last long – after all he’s only released six songs since making his way into the spotlight after ‘Gettin’ Busy’ went viral last year – the 19 year old held his own, entertaining not only the 17 year olds but the 47 year olds.

Whatever you make of Jimothy – be it joker or genius (I myself am still unsure…) – it looks like the only way is up. He’s a new member of the Black Butter Records family and counts Giggs and Kurupt FM as fans. So what’s next? Apart from his full ‘007 tour’ throughout February – tickets here – I predict a fashion deal with Burberry, joining the bill at many, many festivals next summer and another handful of tunes that’ll show any haters he’s a boundary-pusher and an idiosyncratic talent that’s here to stay. LIGQE.

Playing The Dome, Tuffnell Park