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Jimmy Eat World – Lakeview Amphitheater Syracuse, NY (July 15th, 2017)

For fans of the 90’s alternative scene, a return of Jimmy Eat World to the stage is a trip back in time to era of danceable tunes with a feel good rhythm. Not surprising that these guys should still be touring and releasing new music. They have a history of marching to their own beat and a drive to succeed in a tough business. They took to the stage with confidence and embraced the crowd like long lost friends. Opening with “Sure and Certain”, a track from their latest CD, Integrity Blues, which was released in October, 2016, they quickly won over a crowd anxious for a good time.

Their unique music styling was a perfect crowd warmer for an audience preparing to see another 90’s rock icon, Incubus. The bands couldn’t be more different in performance styles but their music both held an upbeat rhythmic flow that enticed the audience into singing and dancing along. The crowd was incredibly welcoming and the band was eager to utilize the energy. They appeared like there was nothing they would rather be doing that performing for this zealous throng of instant fans. With an upbeat energy and rapt smiles on their faces, it was easy to see how they could effortlessly win over the gathering.

A video screen behind the band added to a feel good performance without overpowering the stage show. It created a unique backdrop and added a clever visual element to the concert that almost highlighted the band on stage. The colours of the lights were hypnotic and blended in perfect harmony with their music. Jimmy Eat World Strategically played several selections   from a few different albums, such as Bleed American, Futures, and Chase the Light, giving the audience a varied sampling of their range. Yet, carefully leaving their 2001 breakthrough single and the song the audience was most keen to hear, “The Middle”, until the very end, sending an already excited crowd into a complete frenzy.

This band is a unique success story, having self-financed many of their own albums, without seeking a label to back them first. They are musician who are truly in the business for the love of the music that they create. They aren’t ones to be influenced by money or fame and have remained true to their own form. They are a band that lives to perform and they certainly gave it everything they had in this concert.

micheliekelly - Instagram
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