Jagwar Ma - O2 Kentish Forum, London (15th March 2017)

Jagwar Ma – O2 Kentish Forum, London (15th March 2017)

Last night, London’s most eclectic and eccentric came together. There is no typical Jagwar Ma fan, instead the crowd was a unique blend of indie kids and old-school ravers. This is because the band themselves have managed to transaction from the indie-rock vibe of their first album, Howlin to a more old-school psychedelic electronica feel, with Every Now and Then.

 The Australian trio are reminiscent of Screamadelica-era Primal Scream, The Stone Roses and more modern influencers like Tame Impala. British techno legend Andrew Weatherall warmed the crowd with a funk-driven rhythmic DJ set, before Jono stepped up to his decks, blasting off with a series of projections and hypnotic beats.

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It was a special night for the band, not only was it the bassist, Jack’s, birthday (everyone sang to him at one point) but it was their biggest UK show to date, and this was one hell of a way to celebrate. The art-deco forum was soon awash with reverberating soundscapes and lead singer Gabriel’s astoundingly powerful vocals.  

Jagwar Ma’s idiosyncratic blend of alt-rock, heavy basslines and psychedelia was out in full force. The old classics like Come Save Me, Man I Need and Uncertainty alluded back to their early indie-kid electronic, style. The crowd swirled around, heads up, chanting along fondly. Yet over time, the band has developed. The last three years has seen these kids grow up, and develop a new signature style.

Jagwar Ma - O2 Kentish Forum, London (15th March 2017)
Jagwar Ma – O2 Kentish Forum, London (15th March 2017) : Photo Credit : eveshen – Instagram

The band still kept their dreamy melodies, and modish guitars but they’ve cultivated a more modern sound. Upbeat electronic basslines are more prominent in tracks like Ordinary, Loose Ends and Slipping. Batter Up was met with rapturous applause as an opening track, the crowd letting go and bellowing along while the bass oscillated through their swaying bodies.

Overall, it was an evening of psychedelic, funk, alt-rock fusion. Something that Jagwar Ma fans, both old and young, have grown to love about the band. As they continue to cultivate their own sound and experiment with styles, it seems their dedicated fan base will always be there in full-force to support their artistic endeavours.  

Photo Credit : eveshen – Instagram

Jagwar Ma - O2 Kentish Forum, London (15th March 2017)

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