Insomnium @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (24/01/2020)

On this cold Friday evening the band from Finland visited Nottingham and left the most powerful impression possible. Insomnium is one of Finland’s metal scene’s diamonds thanks to their melodic music that touches one’s heart and soul.

The evening started with all four band members showing amazing musical skills right off the bat. Theirs faces and energy proved that they were extremely happy to play for their audience who, in the matter of fact, showed a very warm welcome for the Scandinavian men, and there’re no questions why. From the first song Velediction the band infected their listeners with enthusiasm and true metal energy.

Throughout the show the band’s vocalist Niilo Sevänen was constantly talking to the audience making sure everybody is enjoying themselves and giving a very short descriptions of the upcoming songs. Guitarists Jani Liimatainen and Markus Vanhala were also actively communicating to the audience, smiling and playing to their best abilities. In The Graves of Death – one of band’s signature tracks – is definitely one of the best melodic death metal tracks in history of metal. It combines raw growling, beautiful poetry and magnificent melody that touches you to the core. After this track followed even louder encore with three songs, including While We Sleep. Audience started singing along and giving every last bit of energy that has left in them. It was a heartwarming, joyful yet absolutely electric and explosive event that made Insomnium one of our favorite live acts. Make sure you give them a listen!
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