Illiterate Light – Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT (11 February 2020)

When looking for a term to describe February 11th’s, Illiterate Light show it would be close-knit. That feeling starts with the band itself. There is a connection between the two that is evident on stage and in their music. Their bond has followed their time working together each summer on an organic farm in the Shenandoah Valley, to now signing with Atlantic Records and currently touring the country playing their experimental rock music. 

Another reason the show term can be close-knit is due to the venue that they were playing and the crowd they drew. The band played the classic Utah venue Kilby Court which is pretty much a glorified shed. One of the best things about a Kilby show is the crowd; everyone in attendance either loves the band or loves music. This was true of Illiterate Light’s appearance, with a majority of the bunch being fans singing along to their songs, which created an enjoyable and accepting environment. 

Performing on a smaller stage, the rock duo maintained an extreme energy that made the stage feel double its size. Consisting of Jake Cochran at the standup drum kit and Jeff Gorman playing guitar and synth bass play in such unison the duo sounds like a full five-piece band. You can tell Illiterate Light has an appreciation for music and classics that you can feel as they play and blend multiple genres into their catalog, with a song that everybody will love. 

Illiterate Light performed with a swagger and confidence that was contagious to the audience, and everyone within the tight space of Kilby Court was moving and following every move the duo made. One of the loudest and most in-tuned moments was as the band played their ‘Better Than I Used To,” a track that charted in the top ten near the start of 2020. Fans were excited to hear and sing along to that as well as their current single ‘Vampire Blues.’

My highlight of the night was their performance of ‘Carolina Lorelei. The song had it all, great guitar runs, echoing drums, and paired with beautiful vocals. While that was my favorite song, the atmosphere that Illiterate Light created through their art had an impact on everyone with a variety of songs. The people in attendance felt a closeness to the band in the intimate space, as well as a closeness to the other concert-goers. The opportunity to see Illiterate Light has become something I will add to my can’t miss shows if they roll or bike into your city. 

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