Hunter From Fremonte, 23/5/19 Credit: Eilish Thomas

Hunter From Fremonte – The Moon, Cardiff (23rd May 2019)

Whilst the landscape of Welsh music has never been more exciting, the independent music venues of Cardiff are in crisis.  With more and more closing their doors due to rent hikes or demolition plans, the capital city’s once great live music scene is under threat.  Luckily, venues such as The Moon are fighting back.  Showcasing emerging bands most nights of the week, and often at no cost, they are ensuring that new and established talent still has a place to shine.

Kicking off the night were the melodic musings of Tobias Robertson.  With a reputation for dulcet vocals, breath-taking guitar, and heartfelt lyrics, every audience member was touched by his soulful performance.  Following on from this stunning display, No Association bounced into action, bringing an infectious energy with them.  Combining punk with rap and lacing it with Britpop undertones, it was truly unbelievable that this could be the debut live performance of such a professional band.

The final support of the night came from psychedelic glam-rockers Telgate.  Well known on the Welsh music scene for both their intense sets and incredible ability to perform whilst wearing 6 inch platform boots, the band’s love for music resonates with every note they play.

Headlining this Thursday night smorgasbord was Hunter From Fremonte.  Rapidly gaining notoriety on the Cardiff music scene for their extravagant performances and beautifully crafted indie earworms, the air was dripping with anticipation for the show that would launch their debut EP, ‘Pink’.

Hailing from the South Wales Valleys, the band’s striking style combined with elaborate set decoration immediately drew the attention of the crowd.  Kicking their set off with a selection of tried-and-tested favourites, the packed-out venue sang along to virtually every word.  With dreamy synth, rolling drums, deep basslines and audio loops, the band conjures an indie vibe that is both comfortingly familiar and strikingly unique.

Then came ‘Pink’.  Whilst it could be argued that releasing a concept debut EP is a risk, this was most definitely a risk that paid off.  The first of a trilogy of EPs, each exploring the musical influences of a different member of the band, ‘Pink’ ambitiously moulds its four tracks into one seamless flow of consciousness.  Focusing on lead singer and guitarist JJ, this emotional and impactful collection translated into a raw passion on stage rarely seen in an emerging band.  Ending on an indulgent pop-punk rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’, the air hung heavy with the feeling that this is the start of something big.  All that can be said is bring on Joe’s ‘Blue’ and Owen’s ‘Green’ later this year.

Hunter From Fremonte – ‘Pink’ is available now via Spotify.

Photos by Eilish Thomas and Rhiannon Humphreys.