Hudson Taylor – City Winery NYC (6th February 2019)

On a rainy New York City night every seat was filled at the loft of City Winery. The candle lit venue was host to Hudson Taylor who created a night of moments. Almost immediately the band stole the show playing their song ‘Travellin’. In the background “Love it when I’m with you, miss you when I’m gone” echoed from fans in the room. It was as if the crowd was speaking directly to the band exclaiming their joy in being there.

Playing their second show in two nights at City Winery this thought was confirmed as it was discovered multiple in attendance night one returned the next day. A poll was taken from the stage, hands went up from all over the room of fans attending their second show in a row. Midway through their set that feeling “Love it when I’m with you, miss you when I’m gone” echoed in my own head.

Hudson Taylor which comprises of brothers Alfie and Harry Hudson Taylor hail from Dublin, Ireland. The Folk-Rock/Americana group paint a picture through their lyrics and multi instrument sets. Their live show is a party. Alfie is electric on stage, Harry combines beautiful harmonies with impressive riffs on guitar. They are supported by other talented musicians playing instruments from keyboard, violin, harmonica, and instruments I have never even seen used in concert to know the name of.

The four come together and bring a unique sound, and high energy set. Alfie gives instructions for the crowd to sing with them after he does an over dramatized head dip. The lyrics “I don’t know why and I don’t know when, I need you now like I needed you then” take over the room. Hudson Taylor knows how to reel in the room. The ability they have to play lively and fun songs, as well as slow it down and invoke feelings with songs like ‘World Without You’ is truly beautiful and what makes them so special.

A favorite part of the night was Hudson Taylor taking it back to their busking roots. The brothers circled a mic center stage with the talented musicians accompanying them mentioned earlier. Their names are
Oisín and Tadhg Walsh-Peelo two brothers they met performing on the Dublin streets. The four performed just as they did as buskers and it was a highlight. It was a perfect display of how far they have come, as well as how important pure music is to this outstanding group.

Check out more of Hudson Taylor on their website, and Instagram.