Hospitality Summer BBQ – Studio 338, London, UK 4th May 2019

All photos courtesy of Hospitality

Hospitality saw in the great british summer on a grey, cold and overcast day. Not that  it dampened spirits in a sold out Studio 338.

Inside the Main Gallery, Nu:Logic was in full swing. Playing a varied set of jump up and jungle as a crowd who had got their early vibed along. London Elektricity, Hospality’s head honcho, was up next. He played a by the numbers set which had the crowd in good spirits, with the set capped off nicely with the Sky is Falling from King of the Rollers.

Over in the side room, proceedings were held down by the Medschool contingent. The darker setting captured a darker more intimate vibe. Here A Fruit showcased a more experimental side of drum and bass, full of high synths and dubstep distortions.

The  festivities weren’t just constrained to the indoor spaces either. Out in the garden was the SPY Dubplate stage. Making it less a simple smoking area and more a space to be able to grab a bite and chill without losing the music. Many punters taking the opportunity to throw wilder shapes while away from the large crowd indoors.

The highlight of the event though was Metrik. An artist who consistently plays a hard-hitting set ideal for any big drum and bass event. Incorporating drum and bass classics like Afterglow, mixed with massive drops. The energy of the set was immense, and it’s hard to compete with the Pendulum remix of Voodoo people dropped just right. Jump up is an apt name for the sub genre and the set was a great embodiment of that spirit

Keeping the energy high was Camo and Krooked. The austrian duos varied and broken beat productions, which elevated them to fame, a delight to a party in full swing. Everyone was it. One reveller against all odd managing to balance his drink on his head, while giving two gun fingers to MC 2Shy. Clearly not the first he’s wanted to have two hands free but a drink still to finish.

It was a corker of an show. Topped off with an amazing and friendly Hospitality crowd, which is always a highlight of any every event. With many more events round the corner, among others a return to Studio 338, one can look forward to being at another event soon.