The concrete sidewalk shook outside the Anthology Bar brought on by hard pounding music produced by the Butcher Babies and Hollywood Undead for a sold-out show. Both Los Angeles based bands brought their own brand of unique music styling. These two groups couldn’t be any different. The headliner, Hollywood Undead, is a rap rock band with colorful lyrics that often contain a comic twist, while the Butcher Babies are a hard-hitting heavy metal band. At first glance, this would appear to be an unlikely touring combination. Nevertheless, it works in more ways than one.

The crowd who came to see Hollywood Undead, where not only surprised by the onslaught of hard hitting heavy metal presented, surprisingly, from a duo of beautiful women, who could throw down screaming lyrics with an aggressiveness that positively moved the crowd. They showed the audience that they could head bang and bring their death growl just as well as any man and they did it with a hint of feminine style. Frontwoman Heidi Shepard taunted the crowd into moshing with serious bravado. She slung fun yet provoking insults at the crowd, bringing them into her show and making them fall in love with their performance. Performing songs like their newest release, “Lilith” and the crowd favorite “Monsters Ball”. Their thrashing music made it impossible for the crowd not to move with the pulsating beat.

This band not only put on a top-notch show, they made themselves available to meet and interact with their newly won over fans. A table was set up after their show and the band sign basically anything anyone put in front of them. They took the time to converse with people and pose for photos. In addition to this, the band’s merchandise table offered fans the opportunity to purchase a truly extraordinary experience to hang out with the band in their tour bus and have pizza with them.

Hollywood Undead followed with an astounding show that blew the roof off the venue. They opened with “Whatever It Takes” and followed several songs later by “California Dreaming”, both from their newest album, Five. They rocked a crowd that was already warmed up and ready to rock. They followed with many of their most popular and clearly crowd-pleasing songs such as “Undead”, “Bullet”, “Day Of The Dead” and “Everywhere I Go”.  The masked group of rap rockers definitely had a way of working the crowd and their endless energy was more than evident as they bounced around the stage. They took things down a mark with their own unique cover of Sublime’s “What I Got”.

The only down side to this show may have been the venue itself. Although it provided a more intimate setting for interactions with the Butcher Babies, it was much too small to accommodate a sold-out show. The area close to the stage filled in at the very beginning and couldn’t hold the entire crowd and made it almost impossible to get anywhere close to view the bands clearly. The upper area near the bar, which contained the overflow crowd, had a small flat screen TV to watch the show. Robbing a large portion of attendees of a true live concert experience. This was definitely not an ideal setting to house two powerhouse bands such as these. None the less, it was an impressive show that was unique in the way the veil between the fans and the performers was removed, at least in the case of the Butcher Babies, who welcomed their fans with open arms.

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