Ho99o9 @ Bedford Esquires (14/02/2020)

What’s the best way of celebrating Valentine’s day? Of course going to a hardcore punk gig! In the middle of their tour with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes the New Jersey hip-hop/punk band Ho99o9 decided to have an intimate solo gig in Bedford.

The band is known for being loud, unapologetic and for engaging to the audience throughout their shows. And that’s exactly what they brought to Bedford. One of the band members names TheOGM came on stage wearing big scarecrow-like hat. His face wasn’t visible making him look scary/mysterious/intriguing. Next on stage came his band mate Eaddy who is known to be the loud, the wild, the passionate. All of those things and more were shown to the audience in Bedford.

Ho99o9 played their most well-known tracks such as Bone Collector, New Jersey Devil and City Rejects causing mayhem in the audience. During one of the songs Eaddy went to the crowd and shared the floor with their fans. It was beautiful to see how the band is bonding with their listeners creating this special, unforgettable connection. The encore was super loud and energetic. Ho99o9 played Bad Brain’s Big Takeover – legendary punk song – showing their musical abilities in full. It was a terrific evening full of love, youthful punk energy and great loud music. Ho99o9 is a special band that is not afraid to express themselves in sometimes unexpected way. The band is definitely one of the best punk bands today and we will keep our eye on their progress. Punk is not dead!

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Photo credit: Alina Salihbekova – instagram.com/asalihbekova