Harry Marshall – Omeara, London (12th April)

Tonight at one of London’s hippest venues, Australian rocker Harry Marshall rolled into town.

With the intimate space swelling with fans, and lights beaming down, the biggest surprise was how Marshall stayed wrapped under the warmth of a leather jacket throughout his energetic set.

His blonde hair flopping about as he span and danced around the compact stage, he triggers thoughts of 50s rock-stars from times gone by.

Marshall has a fantastic voice, and a style of performance that connects the audience with the emotion he pours out onstage. Several times, he remarked how it was “fucking crazy” how big the turnout was tonight – we were in agreement.

It is often the case for gig addicts in London, just like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolate analogy: you never know what you’re gonna get. Thankfully and gratefully, Harry Marshall was not the coconut chocolate at the end of the box, he was the caramel swirl.

His band are so tight, particularly on new tune ‘Mountain’. It is a slow, emotive track and one that shows off Marshall’s song-writing ability.

It is when he picks up his acoustic guitar that we see him at his best. On ‘Epilogue’, it feels and sounds like Marshall is at home, thrashing the strings and attacking the microphone with his voice.

He is definitely a talent on the rise and someone to watch out for. Harry Marshall can write songs dripping with soul and encrusted with rock n roll attitude. It is a balance hard to master, but he is treading that path expertly.