Haim – Radio City Music Hall, NY (5th May 2018)

New York City’s Radio City Music Hall sold out for Haim’s May 5th concert. The three Haim sisters greeted the audience and confessed that they were terrified of the size of the venue, which was also sold out for the previous nights performance. The indie rock trio’s Sister, Sister, Sister tour was in support of their 2017 album ‘Something to Tell You’. The band’s opening act Lizzo supported the empowerment theme, implying the last sister of the tour should be a ‘SISTA.’

The band’s opening song was ‘Falling’ from their 2014 album, ‘Days are Gone.’ All three sisters (Este, Danielle and Alana) came onstage in the cover of darkness and began playing individual drum kits as an intro. They were joined onstage by a drummer and synthesizer player, while all three sisters picked up their guitars. In their second disco meets rock track ‘Don’t Save Me,’ Alana played a keyboard and supplemental percussion while Danielle took lead vocals. Este, clearly stating she is the eldest sister, took lead vocals for ‘Ready for You,’ an ethereal love ballad from their newest album. Alana, the youngest of the three, lamented to audience about her family’s lack of enthusiasm for the first song she wrote for the new album. This lackluster ballad became Haim’s high-energy lead single, ‘Want You Back.’ Este playfully shot back from the other side of the stage, correcting the record to say that some tweks were needed, such as speeding the synthesizer up and adding in a slap bass.

The band took a break from singing during an interlude for the sultry ‘Say Something,’ to perform a choreographed dance.  They called out their previous music videos for ‘Little of Your Love’ and ‘Falling,’ both which featured the sisters in an upbeat dance routine. The audience enjoyed the dancing and began cheering. They clapped and repeated lyrics back to the band during their 2012 hit, ‘Forever.’

As Haim slowed down their show, the sisters spoke to the audience about love. All three asked to be invited to Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby parties to meet new guys. They wound down the performance with ‘Night So Long,’ the closing song of their newest album. The stripped down song brought the audience to a slow sway with cell phone lights in the air. With Este gently strumming the bass, Danielle and Alana joined her on a platform, center stage, silhouetted in a spotlight.  The set ended with a song reminiscent in sound to The Eagles’ ‘Heartache Tonight.’ The song seemed to resolve the questions of ‘Night So Long,’ with the pre-chorus repeat: “I know you’re gonna be okay anyway.”

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The band played three songs during their encore, announcing special guests for their first song. Their parents joined them on stage, reuniting their family band, Rockhaim. With mother Donna Haim on vocals and father Moti Haim on drums, the band launched into a cover of Wilson Pickett’s 1966 song, ‘Mustang Sally’. The encore continued with sisters thanking and hugging their parents. For a drastic change of pace, Haim grabbed their microphones and walked through into the orchestra to meet and thank their fans. When they came back to the stage, Alana sang ‘Found it In Silence.’ The artist explained the driving beat and uplifting words came from a dark time in her life.  The concluding song of the concert was ‘Right Now,’ a song where the sisters played a multitude of instruments. Danielle played keyboards, Este played bass, Alana played percussion, and by the crescendo of the song, all three musicians were playing the same drums they played in the beginning. With an explosion of confetti, the final drumbeat came down.

‘Something to Tell You’ is available now via Polydor Records.