Following up on the success of last year, Guy Gerber’s rumours returned to London for another edition. Bringing the famous Rumors night from Ibiza back to the UK.

The event was held in Great Suffolk Street, two large cavernous spaces set under the arches in Southwark. The setting was an excellent choice, with the arches creating an enclosed space that kept the sound and crowd’s attention focussed. With a bright light show rolling over the crowd and flowers strung across the spaces. Rumors were clearly determined to transplant as much of the colourful Ibiza vibe to the night.

Damian Lazurus was in full swing in room one. While famous for his wide range and at times eclectic mix of music that mixes a wide variety of instruments. Damian played a safer but no less impressive set full of deeper house elements. That got everyone well into the swing of the night. Lee Burridge followed in room two, playing his brand of melodic rolling house, which has become his sound in recent times. The smooth vibes creating an immersive sound that pulled the crowd in. Providing an alternative to the harder hitting drops in room 1.


As event marched on, the size of the event did lead to a rather crowded space. With it becoming a struggle at times to find enough space to enjoy the music on offer. This certainly didn’t deter revellers as they crowded into room one, for Guy Gerber to round out the night. His choice of funky disco tracks kept spirits high. His choice of a wide variety of light bongo drums keeping a bouncy feel to his set, which everyone settled into the groove of.

With everyone bouncing into the night. It was clear Rumors in London is something that will likely keep coming back year after year.

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