Son Little – OMERA, London, UK (5th December, 2017)

Son Little is the shabby-chic frontman that exists in the collective blues imagination. He appeared on stage at the OMERA in London’s London Bridge dressed fully in tweed, sporting a pulled-down fisherman’s hat to match his oddly hip-grandfather aesthetic- his guitar at his hip, waiting. The venue’s low ceilings and ageing, intimate walls provided his soulful, bluesy vocals and heavily wah wahed backing guitars with a comfortably warm arena to wash over an incredibly dedicated crowd of fans. The level of audience participation was completely off any scale that GIGsoup has ever seen before; some people even screamed out lyrics a bar or two before Son Little even managed to get there himself-

“You know guys, you’re weirdly right, and wrong at the same time” he mused about his own lyrics, as he readjusted and launched back into his track ‘Bread and Butter’.

Son Little is the figurative, bluesy half-brother of Anderson.Paak, and his groovy tones were displayed in spades throughout his hour and a half on stage. A particular highlight came in the form of ‘Blue Magic’, a percussive and uplifting number that created an automatic surge of sing-a-longs from the audience. Later, during ‘Lay Down’ he invited a “lovely female member of the audience to lie down with him on stage”. Questionable? Maybe – but a man with such charisma can command the construction of outlandish acts all around him. He continued to meander around his discography, with a solid focus on his 2017 album ‘New Magic’. His blending of the tragic themes of blues, such as loneliness, self inflicted exile and the darkness of the soul with a new, fresh, modern vocal is like vibrant candy to the ears. The man has serious soul, and a main highlight of the evening came in the form of his little chats and quips with the audience:

“Every time I go come to London; it’s always cold and rainy. I don’t get why you guys live here! I couldn’t do it! But seriously though: London is ONE of my favourite places to perform…it’s near the top of the list for sure!”

Son Little has a voice that draws you into his stories; check out his Soundcloud and you’ll find yourself transported to a campfire at night, or a smokey but demurely quiet back room of a dimly lit bar.