This City and Colour article was written by Adam Stevenson, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson. Photo’s by Adam Stevenson.

The harsh cold and rain in Cardiff city wasn’t enough to stop a boisterous crowd of tattoo covered, chunky knit wearing folk fans from filling up Cardiff student union on Friday night for Dallas Green and City and Colour. The venue was a perfect choice for a more intimate experience while still being able to house a surprising amount of people.

One of the most surprising delights of the evening came in the form of the support act, Lucy Rose. The petite and angelic singer song writer was a perfect primer for the night ahead. The stunningly beautiful blonde folk artist with an equally stunning voice, and her backing band, eased a crowd that was hungry for music into the evening with some soft and catchy tunes.

When the main event arrived and the band took to the stage it felt almost underwhelming. The lights dimmed and the plethora of people cheered as the seemingly shy Dallas Green, wearing his token Bob Dylan from Nashville Skyline hat, walked on the stage, picked up his guitar and started to play without any introduction. As live performers go, the former Alexisonfire singer belongs in a special category only few can be given credit for, as not only does he equal his recordings but somehow manages to surpass them. His voice is haunting, sweet and delicate; very rarely does he sound as if his heart and soul aren’t entangled in the words he sings.

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The set managed to include something from all five of his studio albums from ‘Sometimes’ to ‘If I Should Go Before You’ and the crowd responded well, swaying and chanting along with the plaid clad singer. ‘Wasted Love’ was perhaps the track that Green was supposed to play live, and the song he seemed to put most of his effort into. The band’s precision and timing along with the lighting effects made it the spectacle of the night. ‘Day Old Hate’ was raw and poignant, bringing the whole room to silent standstill.

The biggest reactions of the night came from two of his bigger songs; ‘Hello, I’m In Delaware’ was played at a much slower tempo than usual which gave it a stirring and even more melancholic feel as the crowd erupted in unison for the chorus at “and I will see you again”.  The encore kicked off with Green arriving on stage alone to start the much anticipated ‘The Girl‘, which had the crowd once again in raptures as friends and lovers wrapped arms around each other and swayed as one before the set-lights dimmed and his band re-joined him to finish the track so enthusiastically.

While singers like Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran fill out massive venues and secure so much radio time, they lack that talent; that special balance between power and delicacy that Dallas Green delivers. A talent that leaves you amazed at how someone can sing so flawlessly in a live setting.

City and Colour - Cardiff University Student's Union (February 19th 2016) - LIVE REVIEW

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