Greta van Fleet – March of the Peaceful Army tour – Rock City, Nottingham review (10/11/19)

Positivity, light, youthful sound and pure joy – those are the words that would fit the most to the band called Greta van Fleet. The band’s front man – Josh Kiszka – came out to the stage with two big heaps of flowers that he graciously throw to the audience resembling the days of young Morrisey and The Smiths. The venue was sold out and Rock city was filled to the brim once again and we understand why. The band is a must-see live. Surprisingly young yet significantly talented Josh, Sam, Jake Kiszka and Danny Wagner have gained a huge following around the world by focusing on their art and producing nostalgic, high quality tunes. The energy during the whole gig was very warm creating hippy-like vibe of the 60’s and 70’s when love and peace were the main priorities.

The first song of the set list was their most well known song “Highway tune” kicking off with bright lights, powerful vocals of Josh and balanced and pleasant sounds of instruments. By the middle of the concert they started losing themselves in music to the point of Jake putting his guitar behind his neck and shoulders not missing a note as if he got possessed by the spirit of Jimmy Hendricks. Josh on the other hand would grab a tambourine and start dancing with a big smile on his face while Jake, Sam and Danny played a long solo. Another admirable fact that was noticeable during the gig  is that there is no “star” in the band in terms of their attitude. Every single member is  equally important and Josh was not stealing audience’s attention all to himself. If there was a guitar solo, the guitarist would stand in the middle, same with drums and bass. Greta van fleet despite their young age are showing great skills and true love to music. And music is surely loving them back. Make yourself a favour – if you’re looking for a modern band that is playing good old light-hearted rock ‘n roll then give Greta van fleet a shot. They will definitely charm you. Greta van fleet are touring until the end of November so you still have time.

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All photos taken by Alina Salihbekova